Monday, August 2, 2010

I run Astoria

I want this shirt so badly. But it's a touristy shirt maybe. Hmmm. Not sure if I can go with the fad or succumb to its self imposed "coolness". This shirt says, "I run NY". Maybe I can make one that says "I run Astoria".

Yes, this is my view from my 5 mile run this morning. Manhattan. In a city that is supposed to be fast paced, I find this view so calming. Probably because it involves water. Actually, it involves DECENT smelling water, which doesn't happen in the metropolitan area too often. My foot held up for 3 miles, then was a bit sore for the last 2, so I cut my workout from 7 to 5 miles :-( Wisdom with injuries always wins. I run to run.

We have a fabulous speaker at our church named J. John. He spoke on resting this weekend; and resting to me is very hard to do. Like, I need to be completely removed from my life in order to rest. He talked about keeping the sabbath holy. I'll write more on that Friday in preparation for the upcoming sabbath next weekend ;-) Suffice it to say, I will not be doing any long runs on Sundays anymore. I get too anxious and worked up about it, and I'm completely distracted at church thinking about it. Friday or Saturday is my designated long run day. But the interesting thing about the sabbath is that it's meant to help you relax. And this past year, I used it as my homework day for grad school and my long run day. It wasn't a rest, it was work according to keep my life going; maybe not work for a livelihood, but work nonetheless. So, every Sunday I will attempt to be calm, relax, and catch my breath.

In other news: It's Shark Week. Enough Said.
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