Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm getting excited for the Manchester Road Race...

This is us last year. I am the crazy person waving in the pink shorts. The husband is slightly blocked by my said crazy hands in a Green Bay Packers shirt. It was his first year running it EVER, in fact, he claims it's further than he had ever run before...and has not surpassed it since ;-) And guess who hasn't trained at all for this year's race, for which the bib/packet has been on our table haunting us for a few weeks now?! Yup. And I guarantee he'll do better than me. That's just how this goes.
This is my dad and Annie Dog. He hasn't missed one of my races. I think he missed seeing me one time because he was on the wrong side of the street, therefore I was looking at the wrong side of the street for him ;-) 15,000 people is a lot to mill through for one 5'2" girl!!!

So I have run in SIX Manchester Road Races, measured at 4.78 miles, results featured below (And I had to go through some major archives for this junk!)

My years in numbers:

2009: 49:47
2008: 49:52
2007: 52:54
2006: Don't think I raced and I'm not sure why
2005: Broken toe = no Manchester Road Race that year :-(
2004: 54:26
2003: 51:47
2002: 62:49

Because there is 12,000+ signed up already, and the race caps at 15,000, there's not a lot of breathing room. There are also a lot of "non runners" that do the race, and crap out after the first mile where "Killer Hill" begins and goes on for one full mile (That hill is seriously a killer). So, I don't really run it for time. So, as for racing goals, there's only one you can have: ENJOY IT AND HAVE FUN!

My costume is tentatively a tshirt featuring "double rainbows", which will include "Double rainbow all the way" on the front, then "what does this mean?!" on the back. Haha. I think it's funny.

Please note that 2002 was gun time only, no chips. ;-) And my first race. Ever.
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