Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend update with Mrs. Miller

This post will be written in the form of Seth Myer's weekend update on SNL.

This weekend the Millers visited CT. There are rumors of healthy dinners, a 6 mile trail run and blueberry picking, but conveniently the iPhone was "left in the car".

In other news, Rhode Island is apparently the place to be according to New England beach goers. When asked why Connecticut people don't go to Connecticut beaches, the response went, "Because Misquamicut is a wicked awesome beach."
New studies show that cell phone owners age 60 and over are starting to venture into owning an iPhone. Sadly, this picture of Mr. & Mrs. Miller took six tries because of the 60 year old handling the iPhone.
(The 60 year old iPhone picture taker)
And now, to tell us about the best place to get a Lobster Roll in Mystic, CT: Stefan. "The hottest spot for hot lobster rolls is Abbott's. Abbotts has everything you need: picnic tables turned upside down, lobster wrestling in jello, BYOB, jumping killer catfish, and children dressed up as a lobster trap." Thank you Stefan.
And last but not least, New England has voted: Harry's Place is the best food stand around. Burgers, hot dogs, fries, onion rings, and blueberry cheesecake frozen yogurt.

For weekend update, I'm Mrs. Miller; Good running and happy Monday.


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