Monday, September 12, 2011

We are the champions

Did I mention I love the Green Bay Packers? I told you I'd brighten up your work week with some fabulous football fiesta fotos! (Had to keep the f theme alive...) Our awesome friends Shaun and Amanda threw a fiesta to rememba, including an authentic Mexican Packers poncho (Not pictured, darn it!), tacos, tacquitos, gauc, crack dip (buffalo chicken dip), no bake cookies, brownies...mmmm it was good eating. SO, in honor of the SUPERBOWL CHAMPION GREEN BAY PACKERS, I will act like a marathon champion...

I ate like a champion. (The remnants of the excellente comida is in the background)
I celebrated like a champion. (I'm taking the picture darn it!) Those would be blackberry brandy shots, taken with each touchdown. I abstained. Champion like, right?!
I dress my dog like a champion. (That is his bff Benji. They may be more than friends. The jury is still out. I have some incriminating video of them though...)
The Millers wear champion belts...maybe I'll wear this after the marathon??? (Lambeau wears this every day.)

I train like a champion: 3 miles this morning. 8 tomorrow. Training works.

I sleep like a champion: 7-8 hours every night.

I eat like a champion: high protein, veggie infused and carbs need met.

I will be a marathon champion.

54 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!
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