Friday, September 30, 2011

Every teardrop is a waterfall during 18 miles

Ok, let's just say it: I RAN 18 MILES!!! A distance PR!

And now, for the recap of a very difficult run...

I started out alone, running from Queens to Central Park. I continued to go around The Loop in Central Park until I ran into my former running buddy which the Upper West Side stole from me, Sara:
When I saw Sara, I knew I could finish the run! We finally had a day to do a long run together that matched! In case you don't remember, Sara is doing her first half marathon next weekend (!) and needed to complete a 12 mile run today. This was ALSO a personal distance PR for her! I've been getting antsy and bored as the miles get longer, and I'm SO thankful that my buddy was able to run her heart out with me!

The hills were alive with the sound of music. The music was Sara. Around my 12 mile mark I started to get really REALLY tired. Central Park's hills were getting the best of me. Like really bad getting the best of me. Like I started walking for a few seconds bad! Sara, being her PEPPY self, began chanting "You can do it yes you can" and other army-like chants. This rockin lady started cheering us on because Sara was cheering ME on! Go NYC spirit of community! I finally made it past the point of no return, and enter the worst of it: Mile 15.

Here is where the whimpering occurred. Serious whimpering. Ok crying and whimpering. More hills. Bad route but real life running; I can't alter my marathon route to avoid hills! I had to put on some music to keep me pushing forward. Up until then, Sara and I had been keeping up conversation (We had so much to catch up on, we hadn't seen each other in a MONTH!). At that point, I told her to go ahead because I was definitely holding her back. She stayed in my line of vision but was rocking out her last three miles. I, on the other hand, tried to hold it together because I would expend more energy sobbing in self pity. So insert some music to pump me up. Here are some songs and samples of lyrics:

1. Rise by Hillsong: All our hearts cry out / For the glory of Your Name / Our God You will never fail
2. With Us by Hillsong: There's no end to Your love / There's no end to Your love / You're with us / You're with us
3. Alive in Us by Hillsong: Death has been defeated by love / You overcome / You overcome
4. Dog Days by Florence and the Machines: Run fast for your mother / and fast for your father / run for your children for your sisters and brothers
5. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall: And all the kids they dance/ all the kids all night/ until Monday Morning feels another life / I turn the music up / I'm on a roll this time / And Heaven is in sight

These songs got me to my 18 mile mark. When we finished, we literally sat down (probably not good training etiquette) and semi-stretched as we caught our breath. Then, we ventured to Starbucks for a recovery chai. I felt a little icky, just really tired, and I think the walking to cool down helps me before I get on the train. After a long run once, I had gotten sick on the train and almost lost my lunch/fainted, so that's a big fear and I need to be certain that I'm feeling good enough to hop on board the subway express! I made it home just fine.

Recovering and reflections. HA! I sound like my portfolio! Mind you, when reading my previous post again, I realized it was insanely organized, the aftermath of portfolio purgatory. I took my Hammer Recoverite and an ICE COLD BATH for 10-15 minutes (No need to add the ice!) I tried to nap with Lambeau Puppy while icing my knees, which turned into an hour of dozing and 30 minutes of light sleep. I ordered chicken slouvaki MMMMMM and french fries MMMMMM because I really wasn't hungry until about 3pm. Are you hungry right after a run? I usually am, but the longer they are the longer I have to wait for my body to tell me it's hungry (It was almost 4 hours after the run, I had drank a grande skim chai and a Recoverite blended drink, aka powder mixed with water). 18 miles was hard. I'm scared of 20 miles in two weeks. SCARED. I need to finish it! I will finish it!

On a side note, not one bathroom stop today. My stomach was ok, partially because I took pepto bismal before I ran. I'll try this on my long runs until the race to see if it can hold me off from using a portapotty!

I'm excited for the marathon. I'm excited every time I run over the Queensboro Bridge; I cry because I know that's where I'll see my family during the marathon, and it will mean a lot to have their support. I'm excited to feel a crowd that is known around the world as the best cheer section. I'm excited to slap my 26.2 sticker on my car when I get home. I'm excited that I only have FOUR MORE LONG RUNS! AH!

And now, I'm off to the FREE Black Eyed Peas concert in Central Park!

36 days until the ING NYC Marathon!!!

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