Monday, September 17, 2012

Glad Game Monday XVIII

Good Morning Monday! It's a cool 58 degrees with the fall sun breaking through the clouds, blue sky peaking through! Oh, what's that you say, no work today?! Good bye, I'm going out to play! (Anyone know that Shel Silverstein poem "Sick"? It's amazing. Click the link and scroll down. I read it to my kids every year!) That's right, I don't have to go to work today! Or tomorrow! Or next Wednesday! WOOHOO! So, let's get glad (Even if you're at work, tired, or sad that your football team didn't win when they were supposed to ie Patriots) on this magnificent Monday morning!

I'm glad for Rosh Hashana! Thank you NYC for respecting this religious holiday and allowing me to breath for a hot minute. This school year has been very stressful and this is a welcome mini break. Wishing blessings for those celebrating!!!

I'm glad that we have a great small group! We love the church we go to, and we have a group that meets in our neighborhood once a week. This week we visited my favorite restaurant for post long run fuel and had a great time. The boys took the challenge of eating a ghost pepper, aka the hottest pepper EVER...they each had a rice grain size piece and were hurting!!! Check out this lifestyle blog by one of the members. It's super cute and all things NYC!

I'm glad I ate this chicken sandwich. Well, split it with Mr. Miller. Didn't run that day. Got to TRY and be healthy ;-D

I'm glad that my Grammy turned 85!!! She's been through a lot this year, and I'm glad to celebrate her big day!!!

I'M GLAD THE PACKERS WON!!! Lambeau was too.

I'm glad this 16 mile PR happened!!! Oh my goodness, I totally blame the incredible weather! I felt great the whole time. I haven't seen 10's in a month or so, it was a ROUGH August for my pace. WAHOO! I'm also glad I recovered VERY well, even went for a 4 mile shake out run with Stephanie on Sunday and our pace was, of course, in the 10's. Steph is a speedy lady. She always pushes me! Thanks for coming Steph!!!

What are YOU glad about today? Are you glad Jay Cutler is no longer on prime time tv to further embarrass his team? Are you glad that you were chilly when you stepped out the door to run? Are you glad that Pumpkin beer is easily accessible right now? TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!

47 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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