Monday, September 24, 2012

Glad Game Monday XIX

Did you feel this way today? I sent this to Mr. Miller. I insisted on being positive today. It was a busy day, but I feel grateful. Grateful that I have a job, grateful for my husband, grateful for my family and my puppy dog. Being sad on Monday's because the fun, relaxing weekend is gone? The fun and relaxation would be NON-EXISTENT without a stimulating work week. SO. Let's get glad about Monday, excited for the week and weekend ahead!!!

I'm glad Sex and the City is on TV right now. ENOUGH. SAID. This movie is fabulous. I got my first cosmo before seeing this movie. 

I'm glad that we were Aunty Kristin and Uncle Brian to Georgie. Although his formal name was George, we all new him as Georgie (Insert high pitch voice). G-Man was our friends S and A's dog who Mr. Miller and I dog sat about three years ago. Two days after we gave Georgie back to the Anders, Lambeau Puppy arrived via my parents. We loved Georgie so much we got a Yorkie of our own. Georgie was Lambeau's cousin; gentle with him as a puppy, playful as a grown up pooch, sharer of his toys, and a willing example every time L-Puppy went to get his hairs sheered by G's daddy. (Georgie would go in the bathroom because he was concerned that Lamby was crying; Shaun would sheer Georgie a bit to show Lambeau it was okay. It always worked.) Georgie died suddenly at 6 years old between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning of last week. We are all upset because we loved this dog so much; he inspired us to get our love of a pooch, and was the best cousin a Yorkie could ask for. Georgie, we are so glad to have known you, so glad that you did not suffer, and so glad that Lambeau will continue your mischief.  We will always love and remember you G-Man, also known as Pork-a-belly.

I'm glad I ran 20 miles. I feel great! Had some quad soreness yesterday, but I feel awesome today. Score.

I'm glad that I went to the bathroom in Radio City Music Hall. It was SO old school! A powder room, old sinks; so old New York. I loved every moment of it.

I'm glad that I saw Bon Iver Saturday night. Oh yea, that was after running 20 miles! It was PERFECT. A sit down and relax concert, in comfy Radio City Music Hall seats, and an INCREDIBLE show by Bon Iver!!! They said they won't be in the US for the next 2 years...totally worth it! Bravo Bon Iver, Bravo.

How was your weekend?! Have you dealt with the loss of a pet? Have you seen Bon Iver? Did you have a great run or workout this weekend? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

40 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!...oh geez, getting to the 30's
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