Sunday, September 9, 2012

Working out with Shaun T...and then running 18 miles

This past Saturday, Mr. Miller and I attended a Powerade event featuring an Insanity workout with Shaun T. It was held at Chelsea Piers on the West Side. When we arrived, we were greeted by plenty of free Powerade Zero. YUM!

Mr. Miller reunited with his test group. This group of people are simply amazing. They would meet together five, sometimes six days a week to work out with Shaun T. They've become friends and helped each other toward reaching fitness goals. As I was taking this picture, I overheard people saying "Wow, look at how many people came together! I wish I had a group to workout with like that." It's true. A fitness group makes it more likely that you'll succeed; having a group of people who actually get along makes it FUN to workout! The few times I was able to join, they embraced me, helped me, and encouraged me. 

The Chelsea Piers location was awesome. There were people working out all around us; sprinting while dragging weights, boxing, everything. The atmosphere was charged for some serious sweat! Once Shaun T came out, it was all on...he even pointed out where garbage cans were located in the room "just in case"...yea. So. It was an amazing workout. If you have never done an Insanity workout, I strongly encourage you to try it. There is no equipment, and you're sweating within 30 seconds. Since I had a long run to do after the workout, I did not do as many jumps because I did not want my joints to be shot. I felt a bit guilty, but hey, I had an important training run! After about 45 minutes, we were drenched and sufficiently worked out. Powerade provided bananas, apples, and of course, Powerade Zero!
After the workout, Shaun T did a Q&A session. Some questions were great, like "What do you do when you reach your goal?" He suggested eating what your calorie recommendation is and either repeating Insanity or finding an exercise that you enjoy. Other questions were ridiculous: How can I work for you? I have asthma, I don't want to take medicine, I can still do Insanity, right? UGH. There's always one in a crowd, but there appeared to be several. He was gracious yet honest, and I really enjoyed hearing his answers. (Every time I've interacted with Shaun T, it has always begun with a  hug, a how are you, and he is sincerely interested.) I loved his shirt in the picture. You can't really see it, but is says:

My accomplishment

We got to see Tania and her husband Derek! Tania is the "star" of Insanity. She has been a great help to Mr. Miller during this test group. She and I had a meaningful conversation about coming back after a baby. She shared her struggles (She has a baby boy just under a year!) and helped me wrap my mind around the possibility of coming back stronger after pregnancy. NO, I'm not pregnant, but it will happen eventually and honestly, the after baby body challenge is a big fear of mine. I was comforted to know that someone else had the same fears and overcame them.

Then I ran 18 miles. Let's go over the highlights, or rather the low lights, of this run, shall we?

  • I started at 11:30am. LATE.
  • I ran this run AFTER a hard workout.
  • I forgot my gel. THANKFULLY Super Runner Store on the West Side had a huge Hammer section that they got a week ago. Thank. God. I was stressed because Gu never does well in my sensitive tummy. Phew.
  • It was 90% humidity. It was HOT.
  • There was a tornado watch.
  • My blisters weren't fully healed; though they were wrapped, I could feel them. I'll be posting on blisters soon.
  • I was soaking wet from sweat.
  • Ended up with HORRIFIC chaffing that I've never had due to a certain undergarment. I've heard of ladies having this problem, but it never happened to me. It did, and my back has a few layers of skin removed. OUCH.
  • The Queensboro bridge is under construction, so I had to be extra careful at the end of my run with torn up road...I'm the Queen of Tripping, so I was scared!
  • There was some walking. OHHHHH there was walking. I power walked during each of the last three miles. I'm not ashamed, I was HOT, tired, and sweaty.
  • HIGHLIGHT: I ran 18 miles. Boom. End of story.

My boys took great care of me. After an ice bath, Mr. Miller bought me some yummy Ben & Jerry's ice cream (Shhhh don't tell Shaun T!), went out and got amazing Mexican food, pumpkin beer, and helped me put Aquaphor on my wounds. (Unfortunately, I can't reach them. Awkward.) Obviously Lambeau Puppy licked my sweat and helped compress my legs. What a snuggle puppy!

How was your weekend?! Did you run long or take it easy? Have you ever done Insanity? Do your animals enjoy your sweaty return? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

56 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!

*Note: Thanks for all the comments and texts asking how school is going! It is CAH-RAZY! I am exhausted and it's affecting my training. Trying not to freak out: this is a new week! Training smart and hard!
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