Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 26 Update

This is a post I had written in my mind over the weekend. However, it will  have a VERY different final product. Things were going great until this weekend, on to the update for the details!

Energy level: I fear I am reverting back to the first trimester energy trap. It's definitely not as bad, but coming off a full week off from work at the end of February, coupled with more cold weather, equaled me wanting to hibernate. We've also been very busy, including a Super Sweet 16 this past Friday night, and a first birthday party Saturday afternoon! So many fun things to do, such energy needed to do them! I hope that this will change with it being light out later, but this weekend was another energy hit in massive proportions.

 My lovely coworker and her BEAUTIFUL 16 year old!!!

Baby A turned 1! The Donut themed party was OBVIOUSLY yummy!

Exercising: welcome to the struggle bus. I feel like I can break through this lack of energy, especially with the weather becoming more optimal (I'm ignoring the high of 26 degrees tomorrow). I've been enjoying Beautiful Belly Yoga, as well as a couple of runs and walks with Lambeau Puppy. I'm doing what I can, when I can, and that's what matters.

Lambeau Puppy thinks yoga time is puppy play time. Oh puppy boy, you have so much to learn!

Cravings: sweets. So bad. I made a box of brownies (the best kind, in my opinion) and gave 3/4 of them away because I KNEW I would dominate them. I've also been craving carbs, and with a lack of activity, I know I need to even this out! (Note: My Girl Scout cookie order arrives tomorrow. Danger zone. Beep beep beep!)

Weight gain: 21lbs. I finally found the courage to get on the scale. 

From Sunday...hours before I would get very sick.

Mental status: I was scared for the first time in my pregnancy. After a long weekend, Mr. Miller and I spent Sunday having a great day. We relaxed, organized, cleaned, and spent quality time together. We got one of our favorite deli sandwiches to split for lunch. Now, I haven't had ANY deli meat in my pregnancy, but I REALLY wanted this sandwich. I've read several accounts that deli meat is not harmful in small doses, so we got the sandwich. Well, about 4 hours later, we regretted that decision. I was finishing up making an elaborate meatball, spaghetti and roasted cauliflower dinner to set us up for the week food wise when I started feeling sick. I laid down, and suddenly my better half began to feel the same way. What ensued was 12 hours of the worst throwing up I have ever experienced. It went from once an hour to twice an hour, and I had no idea where this stuff was coming from, or how I had anything left to give up. The whole time I was sobbing thinking about the baby. This could NOT be good for him. I was dehydrated, weak, and couldn't hold even a sip of water down. My hero husband, equally as sick, rubbed my back when he could, held my hand, and prayed for our baby. We finally went to the ER around 9am. I was a hot mess; crying every time I had to talk to a doctor or nurse, solely concerned about my baby boy. They checked him out and he was doing great, kicking me as much as ever. I received anti nausea via an IV, followed by a beautiful fluids bag. The hospital was amazing, despite being overcrowded (I was in a bed in the hallway!). I survived my first IV and have been home resting since. The verdict was it was either severe food poisoning (We called the deli and no one else had called to complain of a similar situation) or a stomach virus (which has been making the rounds in my school).

I put on my big girl pants and got an IV in my hand. Big steps for me, the needlephobe/bloodphobe.

It has taken me a lot longer than I expected to get over this. I've been out of work for three days. I plan to return to work tomorrow, which should be interesting. I'm usually a tough cookie about being sick, but this was a tough recovery. It's more difficult for me to stay hydrated since he needs so much, and I usually drink a ton of water (about 80oz at work alone) each day. Being pregnant during this was very scary, and I am thankful to be coming out on the other side of this. I am especially thankful for all the family and friends who have reached out to help and sent check in texts. Mr. Miller was so strong, which has given me so much more confidence for the scariness of labor ahead of us!

My puppy baby and human baby kept me company for the past few days. Lots of snuggles. And kicks.

Best advice: STAY HOME IF YOU'RE DIZZY. Sad but true, I had to be told this. You are superwoman to the little life inside, but no need to be a hero if you're not up to it. 

How about you? Are you the type to go to work regardless of how you feel? Have you enjoyed the nice weather lately? What are your bounce back from sickness tips? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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