Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week 24 update

Happy March! Can you believe we are in the month where spring officially begins? No, I cannot, as we have ANOTHER "big snowstorm" headed our way Sunday-Monday! Alas, this is what we must put up with here in the northeast. It's a small price to pay for NYC summers that are filled with hot days and cool nights with endless activities in between! Although, this summer will be a BIT different with a new Miller in the world! Here's the scoop on how he (And I) have been doing:

My three boy loves between these two pictures: my man-boy, puppy-boy, and baby-boy. 

Energy level: this week was tough. Last week was our February break, and no school for a whole week was BEYOND relaxing! I got to see some really fabulous friends like Ashley and Beth, visit Mr. Miller at his new (as of December) office, and watch the Today Show every morning (aka my dream come true). We also enjoyed the "heat wave" this past weekend; the temperatures reached above 35! Miracle! We were abruptly thrust back into the 20's this week. You win some, you lose some! ;-) Alas, going back to work this week was a bit tiring, including working after school twice. I was more than tired each night. I hope I can acclimate back to being "pregnant yet still part of the land of the living"!

After an awesome NTC Sweaty Saturday workout, I met up with future NYC Marathon Finisher Mrs. Gray for 3 easy miles in Central Park while Mr. Miller ran some speedier miles!

Exercising: my energy level definitely affected this. I got in a few workouts, but it was a struggle each time to get started. I got to hit up NTC a few times, got in some runs, all while benefiting tremendously from the Gabrialla band that Ashley passed on to me! It's made a big difference in the discomfort in my lower stomach. I'm carrying low, so this was the perfect addition to my workout attire. Thanks Ashley! 

Post NTC Upper East Side workout! I'm on the right, below the guy with the chain....yea...I was there. Promise.

Cravings: things that don't cause heartburn. These past couple of weeks were plagued with a bit of the dreaded H. I think they were due in large part to some "digestion" issues. I think I've finally made it over the hump and am back to enjoying most yummy things, including breakfast for dinner! (This picture was taken right before I insanely put the plate of pancakes on the counter and didn't quite get the plate securely placed....yes, the plate fell to the ground, shattered into pieces with all 8 perfect pancakes. Tears.)

Oh little pancakes, how you made me cry.

Weight gain: 18-19 lbs. I, again, haven't weighed myself, so this is a guess. Avoidance? Maybe. 

Old Navy maternity that is a bit fitted.

Mental status: a bit touch and go. Things are getting REALLY real. I finally felt him move (very late, according to all the information I've read), and he hasn't stopped! That made me realize "HE'S IN THERE!" He's an extremely active baby. Kicks me all.the.time. I've also been struggling with some growth spurts, "popping", and feeling larger than ever. I know I will be double, possibly triple the size of what I am now. However, it doesn't make it any easier to struggle to get off the couch or "propel roll" myself out of bed. As I've said before, my heart knows this is for a reason, but my mind is still catching up. I love this little boy more and more each day, and I will continue to strive and keep my body as a good host for him to the best of my ability. I also registered at Target and Babies R Us today, which was very exciting! My friend Joan joined me to give me the ins and outs of what babies need since she's fresh off the whole first time parent thing (And everything she has already has an updated version!).

Joan's almost 1 year old!!! We got to babysit her last Saturday, what a little snuggle bug! Can't wait to celebrate Baby A next weekend!!!

Best advice: Register for bath toys with big holes. Whaaaat? Joan said this was important because the little holes tend to not squirt out the water etc, creating a smelly/moldy situation resulting in discarded play things. I opted for some cup/scoop options and a rubber ducky that has a sealed plug.

These sea inspired stacking cups are super cute!

How about you? Are you a creative or registry gift giver? Did you take advantage of "warmer weather" post polar vortex? Has any dropped food brought you to tears lately? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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