Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 28 Update

Well, it's finally happening! I am finally being asked by students and parents if I'm pregnant! Although for students it has been pretty obvious for several weeks, they haven't openly asked me until this past week! Parents, on the other hand, usually see me in a jacket, so it's hard to tell! No hiding it now, baby and I are on our last leg in the toggle red Gap coat!

Classy bathroom selfie with my ever shrinking coat!

Energy level: I have risen from the land of the tired! I was feeling really run down weeks 25-26. I think it had something to do with the never ending winter (which reared its ugly head yet again this morning!). Last week I finally felt my energy coming back, and seeing 4- or 5- in the beginning of the temperature is definitely a fabulous thing!

I got out for a 3 mile run with minimal walking on Thursday! Winning!

Exercising: I ran my first (and last) race pregnant! I don't have any intention of running any more races (Let's be real, money doesn't grow on trees, and I'm not setting any PR's here!), but this was fun! I have run 13.1 NYC half marathon for the past four years, and was slightly sad that I wouldn't get my fifth year in a row medal. However, it turned out to be a wise decision with the polar vortex/weather we had, training was non existent! I also returned to NTC, which was awesome. A group workout is always good for the athletic soul!

 This cute guy ran with me the whole time!

We went to cheer for many friends who were running my beloved 13.1! It was so fun!

So much fun squatting it out with the NTC Crew!

Cravings: Girl Scout Cookies? Haha, I've certainly had my fair share since my order came in! I've been obsessed with my veggie burgers with avocado. Grilling season (40 degrees and above!) is upon us!

Veggie burger, provolone cheese, avocado, siracha an baked potatoes! 

Weight gain: I didn't weigh myself! I actually feel smaller this week than last week. Maybe baby boy changed position? I guess we'll know next update! Edited to add: I didn't gain any weight for the past two weeks. Still 21lbs going strong! I'm sure he'll have a growth spurt now ;-)

Mental status: ANXIOUS. My fabulous friend Ashley went and had a beautiful baby girl (Go congratulate her!). For some reason this made having a baby WAY more real to me! I guess it's because we have talked/tweeted/texted/emailed at length about all things baby that I figured we would have one at the same time! I need to calm myself and my ideas about the "what ifs" and my fears of blood/anything medical, AKA labor. I've been reassured by many moms that when the time comes I will be able to power through, but eek the build up is nerve wracking!!!

Best advice: I read an article called "7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a Parent". I knew 5 out of 7, I've been repeatedly told most of this advice by my four older siblings, all of whom have children (My child is the 14th grandchild!). However, "Enjoy sleep now" was the theme of the weekend! After running a 5k and full contact cheering for two hours, I was exhausted Saturday! Mr. Miller and I took a 2 1/2 hour nap, and it was pure bliss. I woke with the thought, "This won't be happening much longer." CRAZY to think about! I am also not the best with change, so "Be ready for the unexpected" is about to become a lifestyle for me! I tend to drag my heels and freeze when there is abrupt change...babies don't do well with that attitude! So, I will be sleeping when I feel like it and be more relaxed about changes for the next 12+/- weeks!

How about you? Are you one to drag your feet at change? Anyone race this weekend? Do you abhor bathroom selfies? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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