Saturday, April 12, 2014


We all have them. This is a fact of life, right? Social media has changed how we reveal our problems to the world. In my attempts to be less stressed, I have found myself going on social media a little less and focusing on positives a little more. When you type in #pregnant on Twitter, the auto select's first choice is #pregnantproblems. Same thing with #runnerprobs. Shockingly, #teacherproblems doesn't come up....probably because we're scared of social media guidelines!

Stop complaining and enjoy life

I've been reflecting on what constitutes to a typed out complaint on social media. At almost 31 weeks pregnant, it would be SO easy for me to complain about things. I could go on and on about heartburn, being short of breath, my lack of endurance, or how I feel like I have NOTHING to wear. But do I really want to throw that thought in the world? No. I am thankful to be pregnant, thankful for my ability to still move, thankful that Henry is healthy and everything is measuring exactly where it should be. I have also been more conscious of this because I know many who struggle with actually getting and staying pregnant. I imagined one of those beautiful people reading a tweet of mine complaining about something they so desperately desire. So, I am anti #pregnancyproblems.

Amen! Biggest pet peeve ever!!!!!
I am also anti #runnerprobs. I think I've used that hash tag a time or two for an ironic purpose, but really, I can't. I have friends who are injured, on bed rest, who are dying to get some miles in. Really, the only runner problems a runner can have is not running. The rest of the stuff just comes with the territory! 

I know Iam NO Joni Mitchell with my singing voice...but it always sounds better than a complaining

Complaining about work can be a huge stress relief. I try not to post anything about work because we have really strict social media rules; basically anything you type can and will be used against you. Always. But in reality, what is that going to do for me? Telling someone my problem in person might help me actually solve the problem or issue. Getting annoyances off your chest can be cathartic, but does someone really want to read all about them constantly?  Probably not. I'm thankful to have a job despite the stresses of it, and I love my students despite their (sometimes CONSTANT!) frustrations. In the end, I would rather be cup half full about work than cup half empty.

Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire, and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame, and complain.

So, I'm choosing to complain less. I am going to try to relax and focus on the positives. There is nothing more refreshing than a person who is genuine about life, but doesn't look at it as "here's another bad thing" etc. I'm going to take a step back before complaining about something and reflect on how other's could think my bad moment is enviable. I'm going to embrace the hot weather, because darn it polar vortex, you almost took my soul.

The first person to complain that it's 'too hot' this Summer is getting thunder-punched in the throat!

How about you? Do you try to stay complaint free on social media? What are your tricks to staying positive? TELL ME ABOUT IT! 
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