Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 30 Update - Name reveal!

Oh. My. Gosh. We are in the thirties! I can't believe this. We are entering the single digit countdown next week. Heart, stop beating so fast! This was an amazing couple of weeks, I'm so excited to recap them!

I had my shower this weekend! More details on that for another post. It was the most beautiful day, I felt BEYOND blessed by my lovely friends who generously gifted us with the most creative and amazing things. In case you haven't caught the comments from close friends, I figured it was time to reveal what this little boy's name is! (Also, I would not be able to post most of the pictures from the shower, since his name was a prominent decoration inspiration!) So, without further ado...

Introducing: Henry Joseph Miller

 Oh Henry! I LOVED this dress. I wish I could live in it. Target, make it in five colors please. Thank you.

Energy level: Going steady. I have definitely had a harder time falling back to sleep when I wake up in the  middle of the night. My mind is racing and it's hard for it to calm down! I did sleep for an eight hour stretch last Friday night and was SO confused when I woke up to use the bathroom and it was light out! I'd say going eight hours without peeing is going to be a fluke for the next ten weeks! I've also been noticing some nesting symptoms, which have spurred me on to tackling some things I would normally put off. I still couldn't stay up for the Uconn game (GO HUSKIES! NATIONAL CHAMPS!) because, my goodness, it was on LATE! I tapped out at 10:20pm.

Exercising: Staying consistent. With the nicer weather slowly becoming a normal occurrence, I have found it easier to lace up and get moving! I have also been keeping up with the Beautiful Belly yoga app, which I cannot say enough good things about! It helps me calm down when I'm stressed or find myself tired but with a million things on my mind. I even found the motivation to travel out to my coworker's apartment to do a group workout since NTC was canceled due to rain. This was a good two weeks of feeling healthy and active.

 Lambeau seriously loves yoga. I seriously don't love Lambeau's distractions during yoga.

Rain or shine we are NTC!

Cravings: still loving sweets with some grilling! We have been making some delicious meals, including BBQ chicken, veggie turkey burgers, and couscous salads to go with it all. Thankfully the ability to grill without fear of hypothermia has helped me "I don't know what I want to make for dinner" syndrome that I found myself with often.

This picture needed to make an appearance. A shower gift that helped us practice swaddling.

Weight gain: 21lbs. I haven't gained any weight in three weeks. This slightly concerned me, but all my mama friends have told me it happens, not to worry, there is still plenty of time to gain! JOY! I got nervous when I started to gain weight a little faster than "normal", now I'm nervous about not gaining weight! Ah, the side affects of pregnancy!

Mental status: I am feeling so much joy. Work has been stressful, and I have felt in limbo with getting things ready for Henry (Ah I can type his name now!). This week was filled with being with people I love, work pressures (slightly) calming, and receiving and organizing important things for this baby! We had family in town, got some painting/projects in the apartment done (Thanks Mr. Miller! You're a super star dad already!), and got to share the joy of expecting our son with those we love. I had been dealing with being VERY emotional for a few days, so this has been a welcomed change for sure!

Myssi (left) surprised me all the way from California!!! Amanda (Right) was the hostess  extraordinaire. 

Best advice: When you are stressed, repeat "I am healthy, my baby is healthy, it will all be okay." I can't remember who told me this, I think it was a coworker. I have been taking on a bit of stress lately, and this advice has done wonders for me. It's very simple, but repeating it to myself has helped me calm down over some silly things that sent me into a tizzy (Like breaking ANOTHER plate which held a perfectly dressed baked potato right before sitting down to dinner...).

How about you? Are you getting outdoors now that we are in a "thaw"? Did you do anything fun this weekend? What is your favorite thing to grill? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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