Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 34 Update

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I hope you're enjoying double cervezas y margaritas in my honor. We are almost to month 9!!! Yes, I'm sure some of you just did the math in your head and realized that 40 weeks is actually ten months of pregnancy. Six more/less weeks left until we meet Henry. Things have been quite busy with nesting nesting NESTING! Here's a quick rundown of how things have been going.

Energy level: reality is setting in. Carrying the extra weight, my crowded lungs and the extra pressure of my fella slowly moving downward has been creating a very tired me. After exercising it seems necessary to have a lighter activity day the following day because I'm ZAPPED! Plus all this nesting/organizing is making me SUPER tired mentally. Maybe that is why I've developed an eye twitching tick? Yea, that's been fun.

We dog sat for Brady dog last weekend. He didn't seem to mind being crowded by a baby belly...

Exercise: I've been aware of my new limits. Taking the stairs at work has become challenging on my entire body, not just in my lungs (as has been the case since about 16 weeks). I'm still plodding on with some run/walk workouts (2-3 per week), but I've been relying on walking a lot more when I'm tired. I even got a NTC workout in this week! Lots of lunges, squats, and elevated push-ups! Overall I'm still feeling mobile, but slower and slower.

Will this be my last Nike mirror selfie? Only time will tell!

Cravings: COOKIES. Must. Lay. Off. The. COOKIES! I love them. When someone offers me cookies, I can't say no, it's like a new rule. I went to the Astoria Flea this past Sunday and found these incredible Brookie Cookies NYC. WHOA. They're soft mini cookie sandwiches and TO DIE FOR.

The lone snickerdoodle one blew my mind. Can't wait to get more! 

Weight gain: 28lbs! Yup, we're climbing. Slowly but surely, those pounds have increased instead of slowed down like lots of books say they will. Henry is just making up for lost time...because clearly all those pounds are baby chub!...

I read the book Those Darn Squirrels to a kindergarten class that I was not familiar with. One cutie raised her hand and said "You look like a squirrel!" I laughed and said "But I don't have bird seed in here, I have a baby!" The whole class squealed and proceeded to tell me all about "Their babies".

Mental status: a bit overwhelmed. As time is flying by, I feel like my to do list is increasing instead of decreasing. In addition to trying to getting the "nursery corner" done, complete my registry and wrap things up at work, I have to add in maternity workshops, squaring away insurance, a full day lamaze class...sigh. Time is slipping away. I believe the words "WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!" Came out of my mouth a few times in angst this week...

Jack is back, maybe he'll take care of all my to-do's and my labor for 24 hours...

Best advice: It will all get done. Mr. Miller had to calm me down from said running out of time rants, and he reassured me that we will get everything done. When I freaked out and said "What if we don't?!" I was hit with "What's the worst that could happen? People will help us and it will all work out just fine." Sigh. He's wicked smahht. 

If all else fails, Lambeau will babysit while I complete projects, right? That's our Babyletto Hudson crib and I love it. Hopefully nursery pictures will be present in the week 36 update!

How about you? How do you handle a huge to do list? Do you find yourself easily overwhelmed? Have you tried any good cookies lately? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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