Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Own Your Workout

On Saturday, I went on a fabulously cold run. I seriously love running in the winter, and with the continually snow/ice/cold/wind situation we in the northeast this was my chance for fresh air! Between my yoga challenge, pilates and yoga classes, my hips were feeling a bit tight and sore, so I said to myself "I guess I'll just do three miles." When I got home Mr. Miller asked me how it went and I said "I only went three miles but it was great." I realized I used two of my most disliked words: just and only

Loved the views. My park wasn't fully plowed, so I was limited in where I could run. Related: I had three failed self timer running photos. I gave up due to embarrassment. KIM TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

I loathe those two words. I feel like they take away from workout accomplishments. I see them used by people all the time (Including myself!), and the thought I always have is one person's just/only is another person's just/only...but in the opposite way. Here's what I mean:

"I only ran three miles today."    /     "If only I could run three miles today."

I feel like we need to own our effort. Whether you deem it as a peak performance or a sub par result, you did SOMETHING. We are truly our hardest critics. When I recently stepped on the treadmill for the first time in a long time, I started out at a 6.0. Um. No. That was my old warm up pace, and now it's close to my sprint pace. I'm slowly learning to own my workouts, relishing in the accomplishment instead of focusing on how it's not even close to what I used to be able to do. I'm going to the gym, going to classes, and I'm putting in my best effort. Will there be days where I want to use the words just or only? Absolutely. As humans, especially those into fitness, we are always trying to better ourselves. Well, I think that starts inside our own heads. Instead of discounting workouts, own them. Didn't hit your pace? Didn't complete all your reps? So what. Use it is fuel to push you forward, not to discount your hard work.

Walldesign - Rockstar
I love this song by Pink. I heard it at the end of my last half marathon which I was gunning for (and really expected) a huge PR. This song got me through the last mile smiling! Pin it

How am I going to own my workouts? I'm going to think long and hard about my words. I'm only going to say positive things about my workouts. When my students would say something like "I'm not good at math." I would correct them and say "You are challenged by math, and you will overcome that challenge with hard work." If my workout leaves me wanting more, I'm going to make it a challenge to overcome the next time. And the time after that. Until I feel like I nailed it. Onward and upward, always.

How about you? Do you watch what you say about yourself? How do you feel when someone is negative about their workout? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

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