Friday, March 6, 2015

Henry: 9 Months

Let this ninth month begin! With it brings warmer temps, hopefully more outdoors time, and SPRING! We've been bundled up and hanging out indoors, but things are getting really fun. Here are some cool things that have been happening this month:

  • We will know Henry's weight next Wednesday! I'm guessing over 19lbs.
  • He has TWO teeth! And I strongly suspect numbers three and four aren't be far behind...
  • Henry sits on his own and plays. He's surrounded by my maternity pillow because he sometimes lunges for Lambeau as he passes.
  • He has done some scooting backwards, but not much in the crawling department.
  • He dances! I think I forgot to mention this last month, but when he's happy he moves back and forth and smiles! He does it for us and complete strangers. Flirt.
  • Henry is obsessed with Facetime. Mr. Miller tends to miss him during the day, so we Facetime about once a day. Henry loses.his.mind. He flips out, laughing, dancing and lunging for daddy's face. 
  • He strongly disdains any texture in his food but he is slowly learning to take in food with very small forms of "chunks" (ie tiny pieces of apples in apple sauce. Kid is sensitive!).
  • We are dedicating him at our church this month and we are very excited.
  • Sleep: dare I say we've evened out? He tries to wake up around 5-5:45, and usually if we give him the pacifier he goes back to sleep until 6-6:45. It's been nice not waking up multiple times a night! And in comes the time change...God help us all.
  • Henry sits in the grocery cart now. He LOVES this. He wants to see everything, and so many people talk to him, he becomes the mayor of the grocery store!
  • We have a big moment coming up on Sunday. Will tell more about it next week!
I can't express how much fun this stage is. Despite being cooped up for days at a time, we just hang out and play. He truly has the sweetest nature. I'm excited to begin to show him more of the world as it warms up. He is a joy and we are so grateful for him. Even when he is cranky he'll still crack a smile for a second. His joy shines through constantly.

Happy 9 Months Little Lion Man!
His latest trick is double fisting in his mouth. Rock star.

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