Saturday, July 26, 2008

A few pictures from July...

For the 4th we went to Keuka Lake and a wedding, I have a couple of pics from the lake. Jojo is sending me pics from the wedding! This is from Keuka. Sarah Funk posted a contest about what makes us "beautiful". Here he is. My lovely fiance soon to be husband. Seriously it's so cheese ball and typical, but really he does. Even on my worst day he will tell me I'm the prettiest girl in all the world. When I don't ask for it he offers me praise. He is so kind to me. Below is another pic we took when we were home last weekend:

He is the love of my life, can't wait to be his wife! 12.20.08! So Sarah Funk, there is my answer! That and my running shoes (please see previous post for the other picture representing what makes me feel beautiful!) I just read an article in a running magazine that stated running boosts self confidence and makes people feel prettier/more handsome (the word they used was s*xy, thought that was too racy for my blog!)

Below is a picture of my good friend Jodi. My lifelong friend Jodi. I got to see her this weekend. She is going to be going to China in August for 9 months. She is one of my bestest, a person I will be friends with for the rest of my life...Jojo I'm going to miss you.

My last two classes are Mon and Wed...I thought I only had a Mon class, but, unfortunately, I have to go Wed too...she said we won't go the whole night though THANK GOD. Vacation is coming up too...can't wait for that!!! August 15 here I come!
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