Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I've finally been doing well with running again, getting used to the heat this year was a lot harder than last year. I run at about 8am, and it's already getting hot at that point. I was running yesterday (In CT), and I was SO hot. I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures...running through sprinklers! I'll purposely slow down when I see a sprinkler, or even wait till it comes around so I can get full on SOAKED! I must look like such a loser. Last weekend I chickened out because the owner of said sprinkler was in his driveway, and I didn't run through when it was spraying in my direction! Yes, so I'm sprinkler obsessed...

Has anyone ever planned a wedding and tried to get married at a church you don't normally attend? Word of advice: DON'T. CLG is unavailable for our date, so we've called about 10 churches in the area to try to rent, and they WILL NOT let us, either because we're not members, or because we want to bring our own pastor in...why would I want to be married by some person who I've never even MET?! I'll pay you NOT to marry us! SO annoying. Crisis has been averted by deciding we will marry at the country club. It will be pretty, we're going to decorate wonderfully, I'm excited. Mom is already on the mission! Therefore guests will not have to drive to two separate locations, which will be nice.

Everything is still coming together, getting things in order, and making decisions. Sigh. It's no big deal, I just know what I want and desire to be completely done with it! :-) I'm ready to get married...

153 days till we get married! (Just about exactly 5 months!)
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