Thursday, July 10, 2008

Planning and planning and more planning!

Ahhhhhh things are still going smoothly, we've hit a few snags but we've plowed full steam ahead! I got an AMAZING deal on my bridesmaid's dresses, they're incredible and pretty and only $40! I know how it is to be in weddings and it's EXPENSIVE! I love the fact that I can make a decision and go with it. It's simply because I know what I want, and when I see it, I grab it and run! (Of course I pay for it first...)

All we really have left to do is nail the photographer down, which is in process, get a hold of our pastor to start pre-marital counseling (We have been away for 5 weeks STRAIGHT! We're not heathens, we go to church when we're at our family's!!!), confirm the church, and get flowers in order! Oh yes and the favors (ornaments which will be purchased "in season" and ribbons with our names...or not...) and invitations which will be ordered shortly. I want everything done before the school year starts so I don't even have to THINK. Honeymoon hit quite a few snags but we're pretty set. Everything is turning out BEAUTIFULLY! And Brian just told me someone is giving him a bed (Queen) which is awesome bc we both have twins (That won't do!), and my parents are giving us a dresser, Brian has couches etc, so we really lack for nothing! I feel so blessed, how everything is falling together and I'm barely stressed. God is good.

Running has been going well...with class at night again I'm VERY tired (Mon and Wed nights for FIVE HOURS!) but I drag my sorry butt out of bed. AGAIN the blessing of working at the restaurant is that I don't have to be there till 11am! I get so much done in the morning. And Brian is also back there now which has been so much fun. We're so busy it's not like we spend every moment together, but it's nice to see him all the time now.

DRAKE WEDDING: was wonderful! Everyone looked great and it was awesome to see people. Matt and Danielle are precious. I sadly didn't take any pictures, I need Jodi to email me some! For some reason the camera stayed in the bag....

OFFICIAL RESULTS OF THE *MAY*KEOVER: I originally weighed myself at Brian's parent's house on their digital scale. It was depressing. Needless to say, I weighed myself again this past weekend (I hadn't been back till now!) and I was 13lbs lighter! YES! Two months of busting my butt. I'm feeling really good now, I'm so glad I started living "healthier" in May instead of now! I got a head start on the "wedding dress" diet!

It's way too late for me (1:22) and I have to run in the morning! GOOD NIGHT!
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