Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weddings are fun....

This is from Jenn (formerly Cavallaro) Chappell's wedding! I was thinking today about how fun weddings are. This is Amanda and her fiance James. James and Brian became BFF at this wedding. They went on a hunt at this country club for golf balls, this picture is proof that they were successful! Hahaha.

So. We got a place!!! Deposit is in, it's all coming together. There are some more details that OBVIOUSLY have to be attended to, but right now we're contemplating honeymoon sites: Hawaii, Mexico, DR, Puerto Rico, etc. Just trying to see the best bang for our buck! We are also going to a wedding this weekend up in Rochester. Matt Drake and Danielle O'Grady are getting married, Yea! It's fun to go and get ideas.

Running has been hard the past few days. Anyone see Sex in the City? Well, if not, I don't want to ruin it, but for those who have, I feel like Charlotte when she lost her stride. It's not like I stopped running, I was a little more relaxed the last week of school because I was so busy, but now it's a STRUGGLE! It's because I have a cold or allergies; really bad cough, slight nasal congestion, sore throat...not good for running! But WebMD says running through sickness is good because it boosts your immune system. So I'm trying! I've done 3-4 for mile runs Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and today, and they did NOT go well...had to stop and walk for a minute quite a few times! It's just frustrating for me because I NEVER stop running...I just need to be like Charlotte and get my stride back!

Working at the restaurant has been hysterical. I'm the most bubbly happy person! Not only because I'm engaged and SO excited, but I'm really content in life. Working at the restaurant, because it's not my full time source of income, is relaxing and fun. Knowing that I have a salaried job to go back to in the fall is priceless. I don't have time to get sick of either one! (With school there are so many breaks!!!) But God has really blessed me lately with good shifts I'm really trusting him to provide what I need when I need it.

Off to search for wedding things; yesssssss! Any hints or advice anyone has for me I will GLADLY take!!!
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