Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 3: Half Marathon Training Parts II, III, IV

Wednesday: Ran 3 miles and worked with weights. Ankle/foot was miraculously better so I tried it out, it was 90% great, 10% not perfect.

Thursday: Ran 3 miles and worked with weights. Didn't want to push it. Foot was still 90%.

Friday: Rested. Prepared for the long run Saturday. Cooked rice pudding, blueberry coffee cake, cleaned up the apartment...

SATURDAY!!! 11 Mile run! I ran through Central Park it was AMAZING! I purchased "running gloves", which really helped because they weren't heavy and soaked up any sweat. I also bought a "hydration belt", which I got made fun of for, but it really helped me. Yes, I looked like a scuba diver, but having the water and not having to carry a bottle was glorious. (And I saw 14 other runners with the belts on in Central Park...I counted...no lie)

I will do a second post with this week's start and snow storm escapades!

Is anyone else exercising this winter?!?! I have a great story about circuit training coming soon...all indoors...

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