Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blogging from Florida on an iPhone

I'm currently 5 days into my 7 day Orlando vaca! We've had so much fun going to all the Disney parks for free! That's right bc bri and I are espn restaurant employees we get into Disney 16 times a year for free and we can bring 3 people with each of us! So were here w his family. I've only gotten a couple of runs in it's so darn hot even in the fitness center! The humidity has been crazy. But we've loved the freedom of not having kids to watch or please or hold! I would uploAd pics but yheiphone hasn't caught up to blogging yet! :-)

does anyone have any excellent disney memories? Yesterday we were on a water ride with a cerebral palsy girl and the guy kept letting us stay on the ride! It was a water rapids ride so we were soaked but it was such a great experience for her I shed a few tears...

Tell me how training is going! Congrats to Sarah Anna Kim on great races!
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