Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swimming and running!

I hope this picture is big enough. But this is the pool I swim in! (OF course I chose the best looking picture!) Anyway, I love swimming in this park! LOVE IT! It's right next to a bridge which is so funny to swim next to. It's like you forget you're in a city, take a breath while swimming freestyle, and bam there's a reminder!

I've also been running thankfully. I finally feel like I'm in motion again. Getting it all done in the morning also helps! But my oh my was it HOT! My car read 107 degrees two days ago, and in this concrete jungle, soooooey that's hot!

How have you been coping with the heat? I've only been doing major activity in the morning, and nothing big in the afternoon. And drinking a TON of water. TONS I tell you tons!

This is short and sweet. Have to go get ready for my tutoring job!!! I'm loving it, the kids are fun and it's encouraged that we have fun, so fun we shall have!
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