Wednesday, December 28, 2011

All of the lights

Christmas was great! I got this AWESOME marathon ornament from Coach Jen from Gone For a Run! We went to Connecticut for a McAuliffe Christmas Extravaganza (I'll post photos tomorrow!), including 5 siblings, spouses, 12 nieces and nephews...needless to say, it was a full house! Christmas morning we drove to Rochester, NY for a Miller Christmas Extravaganza! Clearly we were traveled out. I took naps, was lazy, and all around sloth. I loved it. Poor running me felt guilty. So, my first day back in NYC I took to the streets:
I got new pants! What better way to motivate a run? I have one pair of running tights from last winter that are my tried and trues, but alas, they won't stay that way if I can't rotate wearing them with other pants! Spoiler alert: They. Were. AWESOME! I really liked them. Helpful running tip: buy running pants with a drawstring. If do not, you'll have slouchy pants and a plumber's crack that is not so attractive, even if you are passing people. Tonight's run was interesting. I almost got hit by two cars (Actually tapped by one), the wind was pushing my feet to the right or left when they were mid stride, and I only tripped once (Insert heart attack).

The best part of my run: All of the lights. (Insert Kanye song...) I loved running through my neighborhood. I set up a scavenger hunt to make this run more entertaining: I weaved in and out of streets to find some notable light displays! So, below are some of Astoria's brightest and finest!

MY FAVORITE: Charlie Brown's Christmas.
It felt like the Nutcracker here!

Best in show: These two yards! They're next door neighbors. Same owners? Competing neighbors?! It was a light spectacular!
This was the classier of the two.

Poor blow up displays blown over by the wind!

Poor Frosty. Santa is holding his ground against some fierce wind!
The Happy Holidays LED sign took things to the next level. What's next?! This yard had EVERYTHING going on!

So, there you have it: a run with all of the lights! Tomorrow I will be reviewing my 2011 goals (Typical), and give the tentative 2012 goals (Even more typical). It's simply that time of year! Out with the old and in with the new!

Confession: I still love Party Rock Anthem.

Every day I'm shuffling...

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