Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Definition of CHEER

transitive verb
a : to instill with hope or courage : comfort —usually used with upb : to make glad or happy —usually used with up
-Merriam Webster Dictionary Online

Lambeau is filled with holiday cheer! He's got his snowflake jammies and a candy cane bone. He really loves this time of year. Full of snuggles and droppings of cookie making ingredients on the floor...
Our friends are filled with holiday cheer! We had a Christmas luncheon at Rolf's, a German restaurant in NYC which is FAMOUS for its Christmas decor. It can be best described as being inside of a Christmas tree. I've been wanting to go for over two years, it was beautiful AND delicious!
Our anniversary is filled with holiday cheer! 12/20/11 marked three whole years since we said "I do"! It was a holiday filled ceremony, filled with ornaments as favors and Christmas photo cards as place cards. Everything about it was magical and fabulous.
Lobsters are filled with cheer! I got Mr. Miller TWO lobster dinners for our anniversary last night! No really, I did. I got a Groupon for two lobster dinners and I hate seafood. So, Mr. Miller had a lobster roll tonight! The gift that keeps on giving.

Cookies are filled with cheer! If you're looking for any last minute recipes, here are a few of my favorites. The first one, Chocolate peppermint cookies, are my personal favorite. Several friends request the recipe annually. Everyone always loves them!

Kisses with cheer:

Peanut butter balls of cheer:

My body is full of cheer. I'm finally on the upswing. It's been almost two weeks since my cold symptoms started to take over my life. I'm finally feeling like a human again. I plan to take the time off over the holidays to throw in some two a days and get myself back in a running groove. I miss it. I want some running cheer.

Did I mention Friday is pajama party day at school? Yup. Packers jammies cheer here I come!

What brings you cheer?
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