Saturday, December 17, 2011

What is courage?


  1. The ability to do something that frightens one.
  2. Strength in the face of pain or grief.
-Taken from Google

Courage can be great, courage can be small. During my grandfather's eulogy, my brother spoke of the courage he showed in everything he did. He was a paratrooper in World War II, he fought in the Battle of the Bulge which took 80,000 American lives but turned the tables on the Nazis, he was a firefighter, and he was a provider for his family. So, what can I have the courage to do in the future? What small steps of courage, such as donating to a cause, running a race, or doing a kind deed for a stranger, will I take? Well, so far, I've decided to run the 13.1 NYC half marathon in March. I will be running as a fundraiser, not just as a runner. This is a race that gives all its proceeds to World Vision in order to provide Deep Water Wells with clean drinking water. If you are interested LET ME KNOW!

Charity takes courage. It takes a sacrifice, and sacrifice often scares people. Mr. Miller and I have been looking for opportunities to be charitable. He donated a coat at our church clothing drive. He's purchased bagels for a few homeless men, and given away his subway pass when we're going away but it has a few days until it expires. However, charity can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It can be listening to someone who needs a friend, helping someone with a heavy load, or simply a smile at a neighbor. I decided to send five Christmas cards to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital in hopes that their courage would be recognized with a card full of gratefulness and holiday cheer:If you are interested in doing this, there's still time! In case you can't see the address, send Christmas cards to:
A Recovering American Soldier
C/O Walter Reed Hospital
7519 Hospital Dr.
Gloucester, VA 23061

Whew, that was a heavy beginning! However, I felt it was important to share. In other news in the amazingly exciting life of Mrs. Miller & Co.:
There is a new countdown!!! We are going to Cancun for February break! Mr. Miller and I, along with two other couples, are venturing on a tropical winter escape. We've never been on a true friends vacation like this, and we are so stoked to live it up! (Yes, this is the hot tub at the hotel. Yes, that's a fire pit in the middle of it. Yes please.) So yea, Operation Christmas Cookie, aka eating healthily and exercising, is going to turn into Operation Winter Polka Dot Bikini.

So, about that exercise...I'm trying! As mentioned in the previous post, I've needed a bit of inspiration to get motivated. I found my inspiration, had three great runs last week and my first yoga class since August...then BAM: Cold. Or post nasal drip. Or allergies. The jury is still out. Either way, I'm coughing up a lung. I was trying to exercise through it, but tripped on my run Tuesday night and realized my head isn't really with it currently. I've been taking the route of hydrate, rest, hydrate, and don't eat too many Christmas cookies. (Ok, well, what am I supposed to do when I make chocolate peppermint cookies!?) So, next week is a new week. My goal is to run four times. I'm also attending a pilates class for the first time with a Groupon. This is taking a lot of courage on my part. I'll let you know the damage afterwards.

What is something courageous or charitable that you can do this month? Let me know!
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