Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When a marathoner has a cold

Aw SNAP, that's me. I tried to avoid it. The raspy, scratchy throat each morning has turned into a full blown head cold. UGH. I ran 12 out of 18 miles on Sunday. COLD FAIL.

Last April, I  was out of commission. I didn't really blog about it, but my allergies threw me through a loop. I got really discouraged because I had never had allergies like this before. I had a really hard time bouncing back, and now I'm nervous. EEK.

Last fall I got a cold a couple of weeks before my marathon. This is to be expected where I work: germ infested school with kiddos who outnumber anti bacterial applications.

So, here's what my coach (Also a nurse) recommended:
- Fever: take Tylenol (duh...but I had to be told)
- Lots of fluids
- No sugar (Including juice...thankfully, I don't drink any!)
- Soak in Epsom salt for 15 minutes (for throat)
- Lemon Tea (Add fresh ginger if you have it)
- Buy cold-eeze lozenges

So, here's to trying some new things! I'll let you know if I recover quicker etc. For now, enjoy some Lambeau Puppy pictures:

When I'm sick, Lamby is close by...but needs constant scratches and love.

Lamby partied hard after the Packers crazy game and victory. Go Pack Go!

Have you ever been sick in training? Sneezing during long runs?! Cough drops during races?! Tell me about it!!!

32 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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