Friday, August 31, 2012

Running with football? Sign me up!

Last night I ran the NYRR Back to Football Run. Wait, you're saying running a race because football season is starting?! That sounds like dream come true land for me! There have been many football Sundays which occur surrounding a run, scramble to get back home, throw some food together, er uh shower because I don't want to smell, and finally enjoying friends, food, and football. This was the PERFECT way to kick off the 2012 season!

I met up with some fun bloggers. I had never met Kim, who lives in my hood. We always seem to have our plans to meet thwarted by some bad luck. Last night, it finally happened! Don't worry, it was friendly! I also met up with Beth fresh off of a tough day at work, and Stephanie fresh off of a Hood to Coast Relay extravaganza! Running brings all sorts of people together!

What race is complete without proper fuel?! Since it was one of my last days on summer break, I decided to make some yummy cookies. These banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies were perfect for before AND after the run!!!

Right before the race started, I found the Packer's honing signal. Unfortunately, no other fans were around! We should have had a meet up. A tweet up. SOMETHING! ;-) Throughout the race and after the finish I DID get plenty of "Go Pack!" or "Go Packers!" or "Yea Rodgers!" so I think the Packer's fans were just late getting to the honing signal.

Race Stats:
Start: 7:30pm - I was NOT a fan of this start time. My eyes are a bit funny, and running in the dark can be difficult; especially with sporadic street lights, race lights, camera flashes, etc.
Course: 4 mile loop around the rolling hills of Central Park. What to say of the course? It was hill filled!
Water: Three different water stations, not too congested.
Volunteers: Everyone was in their work clothes, it was so cute! Some were more upbeat than others, but it's hard to be upbeat after working a long day.
Finish/Fuel: There was water, bagels, and plums! Boomer Esiason was at the start and finish and gave great commentary. He even pulled my pastor's young son out of the crowd to toss the football with him before the start!
Time: 39:40/9:55 mile.

Overall Opinion: What a fun run! I ran with Kim and had a great time. However, if the race had started at 7, I think I would have liked it all the more.

Today was a beach day. After a two a day yesterday (3 miles in the morning, 4 miles at the race), a friend and I ventured to Jones Beach. Remnants of last night's race still present...

64 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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