Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The tragedy of Monday is still lingering with me. As runners, this tragic event hit us especially close to home: The Finish Line. It's our happy place. It's where we long to be. It's our goal. It's our strength. It's our calling. It's our home.

We've all been searching for a way to help. Twitter has been amazing at connecting people with ways to help by wearing race shirts, blue and yellow, and through donations. Erica Sara is so inspiring, check out her amazing necklaces and consider joining her in supporting Boston. Want to wear your pride? Check out these shirts for another way to sponsor our US neighbor.

Thanks Huffington Post for the feature, sad that it was due to these circumstances. 

What has emerged from this violent act? Community. A community that will not back down. A community that drags each other to the finish line. A community that stops to help an injured runner on the course. A community that gives a thumbs up to a runner passing by. A community that pats a struggling runner on the back and says, "You've got this." A community that takes runners in after a tragic incident to provide food and shelter. This runner community? They're amazing.

Taken from Racing Tales

So, what now? Now? We run. We #runforBoston. We run for freedom. We run to show our quiet, peaceful community of pavement pounders will NOT be scared into seclusion. We run to show the world we love, care, support and pray for all our friends currently suffering under this horrific act. We run. 
Thank you Pavement Runner for initiating this run. We will run strong in honor of all those affected. Thank You Abby for stepping up to get NYC involved!

How about you? How are you feeling about running? Have you shared your feelings with other runners? Will you join the movement and organize or join a run on Monday? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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