Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The PROOF is in the Race Photos

When I saw my race photos, I just laughed. They were actually pretty good, despite a tough race! They told the story of how the race went. Allstate 13.1 NYC had TONS of photographers, so if you want some quality running photos, you'll be sure to get some in this race!!! 

Here is the PROOF about what my race was really like:

PROOF: I had a hopeful and joyous start with Beth and Ashley!

 PROOF: I was super positive in the beginning. Ashley is a race photo QUEEN. (See Proof here)
 PROOF: I was going strong, I was focused. Then, we rounded the bend into the wind.
 PROOF: I questioned God's use of wind that day.
 PROOF: I was VERY mad. 
 PROOF: I finished VERY strong. Great form and all...
 PROOF: I finished my 4th 13.1 NYC...that's a number 4 in my finish photo...
PROOF: I got my medal and almost threw up. Yup. DONE.

PROOF: This is definitely what happened after.

How about you? Do you enjoy seeing your race photos? Do you cringe at bad ones? Any great photos that you posed for and LOVED? Tell me about it!
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