Monday, April 29, 2013

Glad Game Monday XXIV

Oh my goodness, remember when I would get glad every Monday? Yea, that was pre Philly, pre Thanksgiving, pre anniversary, pre Christmas, pre New Years, PRE EVERYTHING! My last one was right before Philly, and I have to say, it was stellar. So, let's try to bring some GLAD into this Monday monotony!

 I'm glad Mr. Miller had a classy Jersey Shore birthday party. I made an Italian Family dinner, then we went to a fab lounge. We did a funny photo first. So funny, right?

 I'm glad we made peace signs. Keeping it real. All of a sudden, CABS WERE HEAAAYA! 

I'm glad we had an amazing night with amazing friends. And glow wands???? 

I'm glad I meal planned this week. It's only Monday and life is SO much easier!

 I'm glad I FINALLY got a picture of this kid! His Power Wheels is RIDICULOUS! Laser lights, flashing lights, an ipod dock with a pumping system. This kid has it all at age 6.

 I'm glad we visited Singlecut Brewery! This is a local brewery with a delicious selection of brews, a laid back atmosphere and live music!

 I'm glad I got to visit our friends in Brooklyn! Yes, a Queens girl went to BROOKLYN! It was awesome to eat some delicious sausage and enjoy some vitamin D, Brooklyn style. 

 I'm glad Lambeau Puppy is feeling better. He was a bit under the weather Saturday, and I was on major clean up duty. Sunday he ventured to the street fair with us, but he started asking some ridiculous question, like who his daddy is?!
I'm glad I had a banana Nutella crepe. Street fairs rock. Mmmmmm. 

How about you? Are you enjoying some nice weather in your neck of the woods? Did you enjoy a PR this weekend? Do you have an endless supply of Nutella? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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