Saturday, April 27, 2013

*Thank you, Blogger, for not allowing me to have a post title currently. If I could write one, the title would be:

"NYC <3 Boston: #BostonStrongNYC"

Monday night was a night to run with friends. So many runners came together to honor our friends in Boston. Thanks to Pavement Runner, a movement swept the world and Boston Strong runs were popping up everywhere. Here are some of the great things that happened at this run:

Philly Reunion! I was so happy to see Beth, Ashley and Nadia. We miss Casa De Garcia. 

My girlfriend Mrs. Slafter came out to run. She's speedy.

Abby put together an AWESOME event. She gave a motivating talk and allowed a moment of silence to honor all those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing. 

Beautiful sunset running with amazing people.

The running community rocks. They started their own finish line, and then a finishing tunnel. 

I got to run with other amazing runners! It was great to see all these amazing ladies. NOTE: Nicole and Beth are the only two NON Queens residents...does this mean something?! :-)

Thank you running community. It was amazing to run with all like minded people; people who have been through races, finish lines, and were rocked by this attack. People who are peaceful, hard working, and love their sport fiercely. People who wanted to do something, to make a statement, and did. 

How about you? Did you participate in an organized Boston Strong run? Did your race dedicate the running to Boston? Did you go out on a solo run to reflect? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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