Friday, June 21, 2013

LIC FLEA: The place to be

This past weekend, I had the PLEASURE of visiting LIC Flea. LIC Flea, similar to Brooklyn Flea, is a local market offering AMAZING food and wares vendors. We ventured in and found short lines, fabulous people, and items for purchase!

We started with the FOOD! We were starving when we arrived, and we were NOT disappointed. 

Top-Bottom Left to Right: Thai Lemon Grass Chicken Salad, Truffle Bianca Pizza, Sticky Bun Tacos, Chocolate Frosted Donut. AKA the best. food. EVER.

There were plenty of non-food vendors! I enjoyed seeing the diversity of the vendors, there were some creative wares to enjoy!

Top to Bottom Left to Right: Legos bowties, Golden Girls tote bags, Fix Your Face sunnies and art galore.

Tired of the Flea? Thinking you've had enough of the walking and eat? If you have the time, check out Singlecut Brewery. It has everything; flights, cheap pints and live music on the weekends! 

Don't worry, be happy, try out a bike or a brew!

 Verdict: If you're in the NYC area, check out the LIC flea any Saturday or Sunday this summer! 

How about you? Have you checked out any fleas lately? Have you tried truffle anything lately? Do you watch Golden Girls reruns?! Tell me about it!

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