Friday, June 28, 2013

We Run NYC 2013: #Nike Event

How on earth do I keep getting into these amazing events? TWITTER! I follow +Nike NYC on Twitter, and they are fantastic at getting the word out about the cool stuff Nike has in store for the city this summer. Basically, the theme is "Your Fuel Band is Your Ticket", so get a Fuel Band if you're in NYC!  Jen also posted how to save on fitness classes, check out her post for tips on how to get yourself in position to try fitness classes for free or low cost!

 Here are the directions to a Nike good time, fitness style!

This event was a Run + NTC! We met at Nike Town on 5th Avenue and were told to sign in, get a shirt, check our bags and be ready to run! There were well over a hundred fifty people crammed into a small area of the store, but the staff was so upbeat and positive it didn't matter.
Life is a sport. Make it count.

We ran to just inside the park and enjoyed a brief NTC workout. It was fun, definitely not as tough as the Monday night workouts...but we were adding a run to this workout! I was glad to feel faster doing moves that just three weeks ago were dreadful for me. For example, I loathe high knees and was doing them double time yesterday despite battling a cold!
 Go Lucy (Left)! She's an awesome pacer for Nike! Check her out on Twitter.

After the workout we ran a four mile route through Central Park then down 5th Avenue. I ran at an easy pace due to the aforementioned cold that I've been slowly battling since last Friday. Sheesh. It was great to spend time with Mrs. Slafter and Ms. Bailey running the streets of New York. As our shirts said, We Run NYC!

Our run ended at the Flatiron Nike Running Store. They transferred our bags, had beer and water ready to be consumed, and a food truck to feed us! Nike, you are my Sole Mate. The line for food was really long so we went out later to Press for some incredible wraps. No pictures because  we were all so hungry we inhaled our food, but if you need a casual spot to grab a bite, this IS the place to do it!

I found some love to run, and some run to love! Mr. Miller made it as well. It is so much fun to go to workouts with friends,  but I really love when he and I can do it together!!!

Who wore it best?! Matching spouses.

How about you? Will you be at the NTC workout this Monday? Have you joined a group run lately? Do you follow a lot of fitness groups on Twitter? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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