Thursday, June 20, 2013

#Trainfree: A Bionic #NikeNYC Event!

It all started on Twitter. I saw a +nikenyc  tweet asking how I "train free", so I posted this:

I got invited to an event. Now, I wasn't sure what it entailed, but I was in. When I went to a Nike event back in February, I was impressed with every aspect of the event. When I received the email that I would be in for another event, I was PSYCHED. This event, themed "train free" to introduce a new women's Nike sneaker, would clearly become another memorable event. 

The Ferry on the East side was ready to take us to Brooklyn. There were drummers, music blasting, and tons of females EXCITED to train free!

 Mrs. Slafter, nurse student extraordinaire! 

A few friends won the Twitter contest as well!

We took a scenic ferry to Brooklyn. I literally fell in love with NYC all over again. Every moment of this event, I was smiling. This is NYC people. In the words of Elli Goulding, "Anything Could Happen...".  

I love bridges. They lead to anywhere. I love NYC. Here? Anything can happen.

We met at a loft in Brooklyn to get pumped and check our bags. We got to view the amazing new Nike cross training shoe (Which we were wearing), the Nike Free Bionic. I was in love with the rooftop access, views, and excitement in the air leading to our workout. I was on Team Kym, aka Team Nonstop, and I was totally into her energy and enthusiasm. 

We received our instructions, RAN to the ferry, and were ready to work out. The coolest part about being able to train free? The locations! All the different teams were strategically located in amazing spaces around the Dumbo/Williamsburg area. We had the pleasure of doing a Nike Training Club Flash Workout by the Brooklyn Bridge, which brought many a photographer from tourists and locals alike! We wanted to win that challenge! Oh, did I mention there was a Nike Fuel challenge? We all had our Fuel Bands on. The team with the most Fuel points we were fake boxing and dancing with those Fuel bands pumping! 

We had to workout, HARD. Kym was no joke as a trainer; burpees, push-ups, dance moves, half mile sprints....yea. She paired her hardcore attitude with encouragement, upbeat music, and a NONSTOP spirit! We had to train free! I have to say, the Nike Bionic Frees impressed me. As an owner of regular Nike Frees, I found the Bionics to be MUCH more adaptable to the concrete environment. While they're not a running shoe, I was more comfortable running in them than the regular Nike Frees. 

It was HARD work to train free, but Kym made being Nonstop doable!

In the end, Team Nonstop didn't win. I'm okay with that, because I busted out more than was asked of me, and pushed myself as hard as I could. I know my team did the same. We ended the night at Beauty and Essex, where we enjoyed celebrating our fun with food, drinks, and free samples of beauty products. To the team who won the Beyonce tickets, congrats...and if anyone is looking for a +1, I'm your lady!!! 

Overall, #Nike put on another FANTASTIC event. I had so much fun, enjoyed their apparel and shoe products, and loved their amazing staff. If you're looking for a new cross training shoe, check out the Bionic as a lightweight option with optimal stability for a WOMAN.

A special thank you to Nike NYC who put on an amazing event. The professional looking photos are, in fact, professional photos from Nike. I was not endorsed for this post, and was glad to write about this fantastic event!

How about you? Do you train free? Are you anti cross training? Do you wear your running shoes for cross training (I used to...)? Tell me about it!

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