Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby Miller is a.....


We are so excited to welcome a little boy into our family. He is "the picture of health", and everything is measuring perfectly. We are so thankful for the good report and to finally be able to say "he" instead of "it"!

Here's how we told those closest to us:

1. Gender reveal bags. We made these for our family members, since none of them live near us. We texted all of them telling them which bag to open, and it contained some gender specific items. I had to throw it together quickly, otherwise I would have done a better job with a mix of candies!

Once we knew we sent out the word for which bag to open! Staples prevented cheating ;-)

2. Cake Pop Party with our friends. We got together our closest NYC dwelling friends so we could tell them in person. Joan made these amazing cake pops...if you're in NYC and need some custom work, she does this on the side and creates a YUMMY product! Our friends wore the color that they guessed. Mr. Miller made a pink drink and a blue drink for each party goer to toast with. I created the guessing props so we could add them to the baby's (eventual) photo album. Here's how it went:

Everyone made their guesses and wore the color of their guesses! 
Then we bit into these delicious cake pops! Result? BOY!

After that, we ate a lot of yummy food. I ate the beef tip mac and cheese with Tabasco onion strings. Chew on THAT thought for a minute! Chunky monkey empanadas at the end...banana and nutella...yea, Queens Comfort, you're naughty yummy goodness!

So, were you right?! Tell me!
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