Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Unleash Speed: The Nike Speed Lounge

For the past month, Nike has been getting ready for the Super Bowl! Needless to say, the game was less than stellar. However, Nike Speed Lounge was fantastic! The Nike Speed Lounge featured amazing Super Bowl displays and intense football inspired workouts. On occassion, they even included some football stars! The rooftop of the flagship Nike store was enclosed in a tent to provide a unique workout location. It was great to get in some workouts that were different than the regular NTC workouts, and they definitely tested my agility with my extra (baby) pounds! 

Here's a glimpse of some of the features of the Nike Speed Lounge:

 There are three different conditioning tools in this photo. They may be small, but they are tough!

 My arch nemesis: The ropes! Mr. Miller killed it!!!

 The crew at the Speed Lounge was always pumped with energy, how every workout should be!

Two Seahawks and two Broncos joined together to push us to unleash speed! They were inspiring.

Thank you @NikeNYC for an amazing workout opportunity!

Want to try a football conditioning workout at home? Why not?! You don't need any equipment! I loved the challenge of quick movements in intervals. If you want to try it out, click on this link! (I would sub box jumps for steps on stairs etc.)

How about you? Have you tried another sport's conditioning exercises? Do you enjoy a good ladder drill? Did you win money in the Super Bowl?! (We won $20!) TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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