Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby Things I'm Loving I

This is not going to be an informative post. This is a "how cute is this" kind of post! I have not tried any of these things, and therefore I am not a baby product expert. However, it is exciting to have a nursery theme coming together and little baby things slowly trickling in the house. Here are a few of the latest additions to our baby collection:

Flowers! Mr. Miller bought me the (Only!) blue flowers to celebrate a boy. Also, I love this sonogram picture, because you can see his face pretty clearly! Not pictured: The unwanted 3D picture. Did. Not. Want. It. There is nothing cute about that picture! He was all smooshed and odd looking! I'll take the 2D thanks!

Little baby bibs! We've decided on an elephant theme, so this cute bib collection from Target HAD to happen! (Couldn't find it online, must be in store only)
 Our nursery theme/colors! Elephants in navy blue and gray. It won't look exactly like this (Bumpers aren't safe until they're older, I learned something new!), but this is the blueprint for what we want. 

We got a baby swing! We scored a gently used MamaRoo swing on Craigslist for a fraction of the price.

Must haves: These are things I've been pinning and pining over, follow me for my latest cute finds! 

Customized Nike Baby Shoes: Puh-lease. SO cute, and you can add their name to the bottom!

This has to happen: Customized #nike baby booties!
Cute hats
pattern by Skylarnme. I like that the baby hat looks like a varsity sweater with letter and all.

And anything that looks like this:

Keep • “Baby Clothing: Baby Boy Clothing: We  Outfits | Gap” kept into The Day Our World Changed 10162011 by csjoholm

How about you? Do you have anything cute you've been loving lately? Any favorite Pinterest people to follow? What's your favorite animal? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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