Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 22/23 Update

Happy Tuesday! I'm off for winter break this week, so I'm obviously fine sitting here, looking at the beautiful snow sipping some coffee and eating monkey bread. Oh, monkey bread? Yea. This happened:

Tina over at Carrots n Cake posted this recipe and I could hardly wait to make it! Verdict? EASY and delicious. (I didn't have a fluted pan, not as pretty but still did the job wonderfully!)

Here is some more sweet stuff from the past weeks:

 Baby's first Valentine! My running partner/coworker Ms. Bailey and her super creative note!

My little Valentine! He loves this tshirt. Mr. Miller hates walking him in it. Not manly enough I guess.

On to the update! I was hoping to do my updates every two weeks on the even weeks, but time and energy have, of course, gotten in the way! Oh well, at least I'm trying! (Already taking on the mom way of life...)

The belly is real! I'm really pregnant! EVERY PERSON around keeps telling me "I'm small". I don't feel small. There's a definite baby in there!!!

Energy Level: still going strong. I've noticed myself getting tired around 9/9:30, and two nights last week both Mr. Miller AND I fell asleep on the couch! Therefore, I say we just both had a busy week ;-) I'm still waking up raring to go for the day. Stairs are consistently more difficult (as though THAT could even be possible!) but I'm still taking them. Slowly but surely. Sorry subway riders when I'm gasping for air on the platform!!!

Post 3 mile run. My winter running jacket is reaching its limit. Hold on, Nike performance running jacket, hold on! Just a few more weeks! (Hopefully)

Exercising: Baby boy and I are moving and grooving. I ran a few times in the past couple of weeks despite the rough snow/sidewalk conditions. I am VERY wise when it comes to evaluating the conditions. Case and point: I ran 3 miles in 36 minutes yesterday. My pace was decent when there was a clear sidewalk, but I ended up having to walk/baby step across numerous icy patches. I've gotten better at controlling the, uh hmm need to use the bathroom. I made it three whole miles without stopping. I'm getting  a belly band today to help with the round ligament pain (which wasn't as bad this week).

Joan and I forgot about some pictures she took of me this summer...I will never put down my body again. Looking back I think "I hope and pray I can get close to looking like that again!"

Cravings: sweets, then back to veggies! I was so tired one day last week at the end of the day, but on the way home I got a SERIOUS craving for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I went the lazy route and they were DELICIOUS. I think I had too many sweets and finally became vegetable OBSESSED. Mr. Miller drove me 30 miles out to Long Island to go to Ruby Tuesday (Yes you read right) so I could annihilate the salad bar. That was delicious. This was my first extreme "got to go out of the way" craving. We also stopped at the Gap outlet and picked up a few more cute items. Must. Stop.

Just follow the Betty Crocker recipe and add chocolate chips. They are as good as they look.

The Ruby Tuesday salads were inhaled, so no pictures. This is my own homemade salad, no judgies on the bacon bits thanks. 

Mr. Miller picked out a few items! He hadn't really purchased anything for our little boy, so this was exciting.

Weight gain: about 15-16 pounds. Maybe more? 17? I don't feel like getting on the scale today! Last week it was 15lbs, so we're in the ballpark.

Mental status: it's definitely becoming more real. I had my first ever "How am I going to birth a baby" breakdown, but quickly recovered and stuck my head back in the sand. Seeing the school calendar, making shower plans, registering (hopefully this weekend!), is making it more and more real. Well, and the bulging belly is a clear reality check!

Gender prediction: HE is a BOY! We have our name picked out and continually use it. I'm explaining lots of things to him, like "That's your puppy brother Lambeau barking. He's a bad boy." or "You're going to be 7lbs 6oz" over and over and over. I'm sure he understands EVERYTHING! Currently playing Mumford and Sons and Carol King when I'm cooking or cleaning.

Best advice: This is a new section. I've been getting ALL SORTS of advice, but I figured, why not highlight some good stuff? This came from a retired colleague who said, "Do whatever you can for yourself now. Spend an extra five minutes in the shower, sleep in an extra hour, go get a mani just because, spend as much time loving your husband. Soon it will be all about the baby, and your needs will be secondary. This isn't a bad thing, it will just be the new thing." I had been out and about yesterday and wasn't sure if I wanted to run. I decided, hey, no baby, no work, why not? I was so glad I did. I felt alive running my old 3 mile route. I plan on being purposeful and enjoying these last 17+/- weeks as much as possible.

How about you? Do you set aside time for just you? Have you baked anything super yummy lately? How are the outdoor running conditions in your neck of the woods?
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