Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Love

I've been having a serious love affair with summer. Yes, there are heat waves. Yes, there is a lot of sweat...but who doesn't love sweat?! This week has been a filled with amazing summer stuff! There have been some runs, some workouts, and some fun!

Nike has been making me move! I ran to NTC this past Monday and got a great workout from Will Aruffat. He posted this photo to remind all to keep moving, and I loved it:

Nike also helped me kick it. I got into another fantastic Nike Fuel Band event! This time it was Kick the Can, where Fuel Points count and there was a LOT of sprinting to jail. It reminded me of the summer nights my neighbors and I would play four yard capture the flag! So fun.
Photo Via +nikenyc 

There were obstacles to hide behind once the lights went out!

Thank you Nike for the gear and a wicked fun night!

I've also been going to the beach. My FABULOUS landlord has been sharing her beach pass with me, so the 35 minute drive to Jones Beach minus the $10 parking fee has become pretty enticing! I've been to the beach three times this week. As I told Mr. Miller, "The beach heals my soul."

These Backpack chairs rock my socks off. LOVE them! 

Took a 30 minute run with my coworker/running partner Ms. Bailey. 

We went and saw the JT/Jay-Z concert at Yankee Stadium! I didn't sit down once. It was an incredible show. 
It was SO hot sitting on a cushioned field level seat was actually uncomfortable!  

The hearing impaired captions were going which was kind of funny. Some of my favorites!

Summer lunches rock. I only work half a day, so when I get home, I get to relax and create yummy lunch options! 
 Damascus Bakery wrap, Boars Head buffalo chicken, pepper jack cheese topped with avocado and siracha! Grilled to perfection.

Summer school is almost over! Next Monday marks the last four days of summer school! I set my calendar up for Monday today. Exciting to see all those X's!
I never count the day I'm in during a countdown!  

THE ROYAL BABY HAS BEEN BORN TO US! Welcome, George! Mr. Miller sent me this photo. It made my day.
My People Magazine Royals edition arrived today. HELLO weekend reading!

Clearly, I am making the most of my time this summer! You would never catch me doing this much stuff in the winter, no way. I get so energized by the summer air I'm like a kid again, using every valuable ray of sunlight and enjoying life!

How about you? Do you feel more energized in the summer? Do you have special countdown rituals? Have you been to any good concerts or beaches lately? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

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