Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Henry: Two Months

Reality: time FLIES! I can't believe it's been two months since we were blessed with this little boy. Heck, I can't believe it's AUGUST! Here are a few things that made this month memorable:

  • Henry took FOUR planes!!! He was a champ, barely cried, and was only a bit fussy when it was his crankiest time of the day. (Note: Fly with young babies when they still sleep a lot!)
  • He is still in 0-3 month clothes, but some pajamas are getting rather tight! Love a baby in tight jammies!
  • Henry met tons of family in Wisconsin! He also got his first Packers jersey #gopackgo
  • We had to get some reflux drops for poor little baby, but it has helped him tremendously with napping and sleeping.
  • Speaking of sleeping, he's doing much better at cycling through the day (3 hours with eating, play time, then a nap), and we're working on going longer than 4 hours between feeds at night.
  • Mommy can function on 6 hours sleep, contrary to her previous theory that she could not.
  • He has begun to smile more! It's still not consistent, but he will do it in clusters, which makes me SO happy.
  • We have gotten together with lots of expectant mommies...all expecting girls! Henry will have to be fielding calls from all these adorable ladies!
  • We have gone out to lunch together. One day we had some work being done at the apartment which we couldn't be home for, so we went and ate al fresco! Mommy got a sangria. It had been a tiring day ;-)
  • Henry is the BEST at bath time now! He just sits there (total 5 minutes) and barely flinches while we scrub the chubs. I love it.
  • Mr. Miller has been getting cute quality time in with him while I go swimming at night! He loves spending time with daddy.
  • He weighs 11lbs 10oz, which means he's growing at a very good rate!
We can't believe how he continually grows. Even in a day or two we see subtle differences. It is truly amazing and a privilege to watch! 

Happy Two Months Little Lion Man!

Mom, you forgot my two month sticker!!! Also, I'm a swimming champ! (Insert fist pump)

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