Monday, August 18, 2014

Postpartum Workouts: 9 Weeks

Oh what a difference a week makes. I'm finally getting past the "sore after every workout" phase. I'm slowly finding my rhythm with my workouts, building some strength, and enjoying the challenge of trying to a little bit harder. I'm still adhering to my key principles: Respecting my body, Building Strength, and Resting.

Weekly Workouts: 9 Weeks Postpartum

  • Sunday: 2 mile run in Connecticut. I felt GREAT during this run despite it being CRAZY hot at 9am. Coming home to this jammy clad guy was the best!
The watch was merely for distance/time management, though I did average a slightly better pace than my first mile a week earlier!
  • Monday: Strength Routine and a pool workout from Fitness Magazine. I was able to do the exercises and used a small tube float instead of a beach ball (Work what your momma gave's all my mom's pool had!)
  • Tuesday: Drove Henry and I back from CT, Mr. Miller had a baseball game that night, so we relaxed.
  • Wednesday: Nothing. I was going to go for a run since I missed my chance Tuesday, but decided spending time with my guys (especially Mr. Miller, who I hadn't really seen in three days) was more important.
  • Thursday: .65 for my first BOB stroller run! I was going to just run, then ran into a friend, then made new mom was a fun morning. Also: Stroller running is HARRRRRRRD. Building up slowly and safely. I also got a 700m swim in at night, closed down the pool. I love night swimming now! 

  • Friday: 1 mile run with the BOB! I DID IT! It was hard. Henry was comfy cozy the whole time. I also did a new postpartum workout! FYI Dips were hard before the baby, and dips are hard after the baby! Challenge accepted.
He hates his feet under his mommy!

I only did 3 circuits, I learned my lesson by overdoing it on my first postpartum workout! With the squats, I challenged myself by squatting in three levels (High medium low within one squat) before standing up again. OUCHIES. Pin it here
  • Saturday: We went to Summer Streets! The Millers took Manhattan. We walk/ran 4 miles round trip (More like ran 1-1.5 miles and walked the rest!) It was so fun, we ran into many friends and enjoyed NYC at its finest.
Henry is all "That's just how I stroll..."

TWO HENRYS! The bffs finally met. These guys are three days apart and their mommies text all through the night because they're identical sleepers. 

Summary: It was a great week! I think I balanced spending time with my guys and taking care of me. It's feeling more and more natural to workout while Henry is napping. Note on my postpartum workouts: I am NOT a personal trainer. I have endless tools at my fingertips (Amazing Fitzala workouts, T25, Insanity, NTC App) but I'm following the no lifting rule until 12 weeks and slowly doing things to wake up my abs. These workouts are to ease me into strength training to pick things up in two weeks (EEK!)

How was your week? Did you check out summer streets? Can you believe it's the middle of August?! Any great grilling/summer recipes happening? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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