Thursday, August 14, 2014

The New Mom Highlight Reel

We've all heard about the highlight reel. Basically, Instagram is the best of the best of your good times, potentially projecting zero amounts of discontent or hard times. This article goes into it in a bit more detail. Mr. Miller and I were discussing this in reference to having a new baby, and how it must seem all bliss filled and easy based on social media posts. I really felt like the below pictures was a "highlight reel" post:

The problem with this picture is that I don't think I really look like the right side picture. Not yet at least. Somehow it was the perfect angle and outfit to hide my extra love that Henry left behind. I even tried to  hoist Henry up to not hide my stomach. The comments came in and I felt like a faker. I'm not trying to hide my extra weight, it's a reality that I'm tackling daily. So, here are some highlight reel photos attached with a healthy dose of reality:

Highlight reel: I am running! YIPPEE!
Reality: This is 3 weeks after the previous photo where my belly appeared to be nonexistent. Not an ounce has budged in six weeks. In related news, I stubbed my toe SO badly that night (Runner's high excitement???) that I haven't run since. Ouchies!

Highlight Reel: Henry's first trip to the beach! He slept the whole time!
Reality Reel: I had a really rough week with barely any sleep and  Mr. Miller brought me to my happy place to help me relax.

Highlight Reel: Henry was a champ on his first plane rides, sleeping the whole time!
Reality Reel: Mommy was stressed out days before, and was stressed the whole flight too.

Highlight Reel: Cute baby alert! Bath time is fun!
Reality Reel: a) Henry JUST started liking baths, he used to cry the whole time and b) he had a messed up sleep schedule and was up a TON that night. 

Highlight Reel: Hello adorable two month photo!
Reality Reel: I had taken the the BEST *smiling* two month photos in his cute swim outfit, only to send it to Mr. Miller who said "Where's the sticker?" I couldn't believe I had forgotten it. Also: there is spit up under that sticker.

Highlight Reel: Henry's hilarious steps to putting himself to sleep.
Reality Reel: He had spit up on me several times. I sponge bathed my chest because I was too tired to shower. 

Highlight Reel: First BOB stroller run! Made it 0.65 miles!
Reality Reel: Wow slim waistband shorts make my stomach look AMAZING. NOT. Also, we went to the park because we had such a bad night I needed nature to soothe me.

Reality Reel: I love my son and I love being mom. Instagram makes it look like all butterflies and unicorns with baby snuggles 24/7. I'll take the hard times because when those butterflies, unicorns, and baby snuggles happen, I forget about the tough times. Despite IG being all feel good moments, I think it's way better than Facebook. I find too many posts about controversial topics, complaints and excessive photo sharing to not be as enjoyable as cute babies, puppies, nature and funny happenings that I look forward to on IG (Often at an ungodly AM hour!)

How about you? Do you ever post a bad picture on Instagram? Are you following the trend of being anti Facebook? Who are your favorite Instagrammers? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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