Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Postpartum Workouts: 16 Weeks

Well, it finally happened. I got sick. I hadn't been sick since, oh, wayyyyy before I got pregnant (Minus the case of food poisoning  I got while seven months pregnant...that kind of sick is in a category of its own). I was healthier than I had ever been while sick, which is pretty crazy as a teacher who regularly gets colds. It started with a scratchy throat on Sunday and Monday, which I attributed to sleeping with the windows open etc. Nope. By Wednesday I was groggy/coughing and by Thursday night I had a full blown cold meltdown. Went to bed at 8:30...and this just so happened to be the night that Henry decided to start sleeping through the night. Thanks Henry Jo, you knew mommy needed it! Here's a recap of my workouts, from a high place to a low place.

Weekly Workouts: 16 Weeks Postpartum

  • Sunday: 5 MILE RUN! Furthest run postpartum. Henry had awoken bright and cheery at 5am, so I decided to "start our day": feed him, play with him, and then put him down for a nap. He was tired within an hour, and went right back to sleep. I decided not to go back to sleep and go for a run! I had wanted to run 5 miles, and I did it. I was SO happy.
No jogging stroller was a nice boost for this Postpartum PDR!

As close to a sunrise run as I'll get for a while!

  • Monday: Rest day. I had a baby fighting a nap. NOT. GOOD.
  • Tuesday: Fitzala workout! Three circuits, and each move had a number of reps. I like counting down so it was a great workout!!! 
  • Wednesday: Two mile walk. Starting to feel sick. In total denial.
  • Thursday: Fitzala workout in the morning, about two miles of walking in the afternoon. By 6pm I was SICK. 
  • Friday: Rest day. SICK.
  • Saturday: Rest day. SICK.
  • Sunday: Rest day, kind of feeling on the mend.
I'm kind of sad that I crashed and burned after a great start to the week. I'm excited to get out there and get some decent weekly mileage happening. Now that Henry is going to bed a bit earlier these days, I'm considering taking up night running. Stay tuned!

How about you? Are you in the taper?! Have you found yourself with a seasonal cold yet? Do you stick to running at one time of day? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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