Monday, October 6, 2014

Henry: Four Months

Many people have asked where we got the nickname "Henry Little Lion Man". Well, Mr. Miller and I are huge Mumford and Sons fans. In fact, we saw them in concert just before we found out that we were pregnant! Henry was an emergency C-Section, so we kept telling him that he was brave like a lion cub. We remembered the song Little Lion Man and decided our hashtag for his photos would be #HenryLittleLionMan. (The lyrics aren't exactly kid friendly, but it's just the nickname we chose for Henry!) Now that that's out of the way, here are a few highlights from this month:

  • Henry weighs in at a hefty 14lbs 8oz and isn't stopping! Every day I feel he is a bit heavier.
  • He's now kicking and batting things like a madman. He is so noisy on his play mat!
  • It appears that we are at the beginning stages of teething. Drool on drool on drool, constantly sucking on his hands, we are in for it soon!
  • He has laughed. Not at me. I've gotten a chuckle, Mr. Miller has gotten some laughs, but my MOM got the five minutes straight of continual laughter. Will do anything and everything to get him to do it again. Will report back on progress.
  • Puppy brother Lambeau has been slowly accepting him into the pack. He can now be caught on the reg snuggling near him...albeit Lambeau pup likes soft blankets, so jury is still out on his motives for the snuggles.
  • There was the first eight straight hours of sleep. No, mommy did not get up to check on you in a panic...I GUESS I WAS TIRED. We changed his bedtime to be earlier, and as a result  he is sleeping longer. He is now consistently sleeping 9+ hours a night. Please dear God, let this trend continue.
  • He's scooting while laying down...rolling over is not far behind...WAHHHH.
  • Henry is the happiest baby. Even when he's crying we can usually get a smile out of him. His spirit is so sweet and happy go his daddy.
Things are going to get interesting. We are entering the era of teething, rolling over, food...eek. I am so grateful to be staying home this year, getting to experience all of his moments as they happen. 

Happy Four Months Little Lion Man!!!

Guys, he can stick his whole hand in his mouth. So proud.

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