Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fitness Selfish

I have been having a lot of conflicting thoughts lately. Since my lack of progress stalled me a bit (According to me), I have found myself in a bit of an extended fitness a slump. I've tried to motivate myself, I have set up a plan, and I feel like everything and anything can thwart it. I feel a duality of selfishness here: I'm selfish to not provide my body with exercise, or I'm selfish to want to step away from spending valuable time with my boys. 

Back in the days of summer. Love all these guys.

I have been given the "strong" encouragement from Mr. Miller to exercise at night. He knows I want to, that I'm happy when I do it, but getting out there is HARD. I want to watch TV, talk with my husband and RELAX. I've been selfish; I have been giving in to leisure time instead of working out. To me, there are two kinds of selfish: beneficial and not beneficial. Some days, relaxing at the end of a long day is beneficial for me. Other days, a workout would do me good. Knowing the difference is where I'm currently stuck. 

Take time to be selfish--workout!  Get started on a plan and take some time for YOU :)  #workout #skinnyms #transformation

On top of that, we've had a sick baby. Henry has been battling a virus. I've been on autopilot for over a week. Plus we have been packing for vacation. My days looked something like this:

- Wake up 4-7 times a night to console coughing baby.
- Feed him milk.
- Administer his Nebulizer.
- Go to the doctor. (Four appointments within seven days)
- Feed him food. (Which he often rejected because he lost his appetite)
- Get him down for a nap. Pack. Sit down for a second. Hear him crying way sooner than normal.

Repeat four more times.

We let him watch TV while he got his nebulizer and sang the Wheels on the Bus. ESPN was his favorite, followed by the Today Show once they started showing Wrangler. Did you know dogs and cats are allowed on the bus?! Well, in our house they are...I was going crazy with the people going up and down, the windshield wipers swishing, the babies crying and mommies shushing. 

Thankfully, Henry is on the mend. He's still struggling with night sleep, but we've cut down his nebulizer use and his cough is rapidly disappearing. We leave on a red eye tonight for Puerto Rico, and I'm looking forward to filling my empty tank. On the agenda will be plenty of lounging, sunsets, fruity drinks and beach walks. I hope to get in some beach yoga or small workouts, but I'm leaving my running shoes at home. I'm going to be selfish and relax. After a month of nonstop holiday travel and a sick baby, I'm looking forward to a quiet family vacation...and watching the NFC Championship on the beach!!!

When I get back, I want to find a healthy balance of selfishness. Stay tuned for a refreshed outlook and a greater balance of fitness and relaxation. 

How about you? Do you consider yourself fitness selfish? Do you give in to being tired and skipping a workout often? How do you balance responsibilities and workouts? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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