Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Half Marathon training week 5: TAKE TWO!

Ok so I've been SICK! Ugh. Last week I was LAZY, so lazy, I tried to get my running in, but by Friday when my husband left me to (take a 3 hr) nap while he went to the gym, I knew I was getting run down. The bad feeling started Sunday, my long run day, which didn't happen. Scratchy irritated throat, head congestion, BLECH.

Maybe it's allergies, maybe it's a cold, but I know I work in a germ infested school and I'm sick of being sick!!! I ran (suffered through) 3 miles at the gym on Monday, Tuesday is my off day because I have night class, so today is an "easy run" day, 30-45 min. Thank GOD it is sunny outside!!! It is supposed to get up to 60 degrees, so I will take a wonderful run outdoors, and hopefully that won't be considered "suffering"!!!

UPDATE ON THE TEXT BOOK: My prof. found it in the lost and found; no papers in it, but I'm assuming it's mine...which means somone might steal my papers I've already gotten graded! Dun dun dun. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Despite the sickness, it's been a very good week relationally, spiritually, professionally, and I wish I could say scholarly! Muuuahhhh

Till next time...after my run...
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