Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week 4: Half Marathon Training part III

Took Wednesday off because I had an interesting (tough) day at work. So I took it out on my kitchen by cooking and cleaning (Slow roasted chicken, sweet mashed potatoes AND cookies for small group oatmeal and butterscotch).

TODAY was 25 minutes running hard according to my training schedule. But I had to RALLY with my coworkers in Manhattan against the budget cuts (When I say Fair share you say now, "fair share" "NOW!" get the picture)!!! So, when I got home, Brian and Drew had already gone to the gym (My gym buddies! Husband and friend, in that order), so I was faced with the decision: Will I be lazy because I'm tired?! NO! Sarah (Drew's fiance...getting it now?) and I did circuit training again!!! We ran hard for 15 minutes, but it was hard to do because it was in the school gym, which is a square, so just when you're getting fast you have to take a corner! But we made it work! We circuit trained for 30 minutes, it was much harder than last time because we were rested the day of the snow storm, and we hadn't worked a full day like today. It was great. Same stations as last time and WHEW are we tired! But it feels fabulous.
LIVING FOR THE WEEKEND! Where will you be? I will be in Connecticut!
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