Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 4: Half Marathon Training Part I & Circuit Training!

Alright, after the quick wrap up of the end of my week, it's time to talk about my SNOW DAY! YAHOO! Wow was it great. I woke up at 6am knowing I'd have to leave early to get to school because walking will take longer (NYC does not recognize the neccessity to EFFECTIVELY shovel sidewalks) and my train is above ground so I wanted to avoid any delays with that. As I woke up, I checked my phone with a text message from our friend Drew that said, "Tell Bri school is closed." NOOOOO! My husband gets to stay home but I must go to work?! Gah. We turn on the news. Nothing. All the private schools are closing. over 10 inches of snow in the city is a nightmare, why add to the chaos with busses?! As I was walking around complaining about how life isn't fair, Brian saw the text message on my phone from my friend Meg which read, "Happy Snow day!" "Look!" He shouted. I looked and responded with, "Your school is closed?!" "ALL city schools are closed!" She replied. Hence the dancing around like a moron and eating coffee cake WAY too early, and then returning to sleep till 10am ;-)
We took advantage of the snow day by going to the gym. (We are all from snow-enriched areas and are therefore not scared by anything less than 2 feet) The gym was nearly empty: perfect. And it was cold: even better. I can't run in the hot gym, ew, body heat and smells. Blech. My training for Monday was sprints, but a little longer and increasing speed each time. So I did 2 miles at 6.0, 2 miles at 6.3, 800 meters at 6.7 and 800 meters at 7.0. I'm supposed to rest 2-3 min between each elevation, so it ended up being over 5 miles total. Then I hit some weights because, well, I could!
Circuit training: Moving from one station to another, doing short but intense exercises and repeating it over and over.
Now, the aforementioned Drew is getting married in April to the Lovely Sarah. They joined me in the origin of this blog, "*May*keover", dedicating the month of May to healthier lifestyle changes....and bathing suit season!!! Well, Sarah was getting down about her expired gym membership and didn't want to sign up for another one, and Drew came up with "MARCH to the altar". SOOOOOOO I decided after my workout to help Sarah! Let me tell you, this was SO hard! I had heard from a friend about circuit training, so we used her school's gym (In the bottom floor of our apartment building) and set up 5 stations:
1. 30 crunches
2. Ball Throw Squat: 12 lb ball thrown back and forth, squatting when you catch it.
3. (Girl) push ups
4. 1 Minute Wall Sit
5. 10 lay up's, going to the foul line after each one is made.
*In between each of these we did 1 minute of suicides, 3 flights of stairs, or side to side steps like football players with our bodies in squat position.
UM so yea that lasted 35 minutes, and seriously I don't know how we lasted that long! It was INSANE! We got through 3 full rotations of it and let me tell you, I am SORE! But it felt great, I am glad we used our snow day wisely. Now about that brownie I ate while watching 24...
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