Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week 4: Half Marathon Training part IV


Yes, it's true. I'm in my hometown in CT for the weekend, and I ran to my sister's house on the other side of town and back. It was AMAZING! I started at around 8:40, and by the time I got to her house (My halfway point) it was SO warm out! Probably over 50 degrees!!! So I took off my black half zip shirt and rocked only my FLOURESCENT pink tank and black reebok pants. By the way, my shoes are gray white and pink. I looked great ;-) Needless to say, it was a GLORIOUS day out with BEAUTIFUL weather!

The run was really good, almost threw up because I ate a quick breakfast (All the parents had was shredded wheat, I think the milk was what upset me), but it was a great run. My hydration belt came in handy, especially when running when it was a little warmer than I was used to, I realized how much more I NEED to drink because my body was overheating!

Running in Connecitcut is SO different than in NYC. First of all, the crosswalks take FOREVER to turn to "walk" here in CT, but in NYC it's about ever minute to turn to "walk". Ha. And up here, the runners all say hi to each other! Even pedestrians just taking a Saturday stroll nod or extend a hello! Ha ha ha.

All in all I feel good, I'm actually in CT for a (Surprise) 50th birthday party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI!), so putting on heels 2 hours after the run probably wasn't the smartest move, because my ankles are a bit sore. I'm contemplating wearing some sort of support. Specifically, the top of my foot is a bit tender, not the ankle, and this has happened before.

The picture is of a street I ran down today, it's "Main Street". The church at the bottom left of the screen is where my sister got married (I was 5 and a CUTE flower girl!), and this is the location of of the Road Race I run every Thanksgiving which got me into running originally. It's funny to think that my wanting to run in a race that is 4.78 miles, starting from NEVER running at all, year by year cutting down my times, to now training for a half marathon. It's kinda cool to run by this road today where I have run so many times before, but not on mile 1 or mile 4, but on mile FIVE and SEVEN, it was great (Ran on the way to sister's house and on the way back!).

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